Laurent Khuat Duy

Senior Development Engineer at ASML

I had already been in the Netherlands for 7 years when I heard about ESI. I approached them a couple of months ago, as I was looking for new career opportunities. I had no clear idea of what to expect, so I thought “Let’s just give it a try”. At my first meeting with ESI, I was immediately interested by the PEP (Professional Empowerment Program) groups where. In a PEP, you gather weekly with like-minded people for 3 months to reach learning goals. I directly joined two of these groups.

The first group, Job Applications, was quite helpful in my job hunt. Instead of being isolated, I was suddenly surrounded by other motivated people, who all had their own strengths and connections. It was really uplifting to see how fast our team was progressing. The other group, Marketing and Communication, was all about learning by doing, while helping an entrepreneur in difficulty. There we successfully executed a marketing strategy that we prepared together. There was so much enthusiasm coming from the entrepreneur after that, that we decided to prolong this project a bit further to give her some workshops so she could become independent from us and run her own campaigns.I enjoyed very much the passion and communicative energy that everyone was putting in, in both teams. In such a short time, my targets of having a new job and having a hands-on experience in marketing were reached, but best of all, I got to know amazing people along the way. We are still regularly keeping in touch. I want to thank my PEP friends for their passion and awesome positive energy! Looking forward to seeing you guys again!