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My Vision

Looking to contribute my skills and knowledge to a better use, doing something that makes me feel productive and happy.

My Story


Online Marketer with good marketing and analyzing skills. Believe in numbers and statistics.

I graduated from the University of Mumbai as a Mass Media graduate with a specialization in Advertising. Soon after graduating, I started as a Digital Marketeer at a top healthcare company in Mumbai. Initially, there were many challenges; our department was new and we were a small team. We made our way as we went, forging a path for our team. Through that process I learned a lot and realized the online marketing sector was for me. I sharpened a lot of my skills, like report writing, attention to detail and my ability to work with speed and accuracy.

Eventually, I was offered a position working with Google and jumped at the opportunity. I moved to Bangalore and worked as an Implementation Consultant in an on-site project in the digital marketing field. In those two experiences I was transformed from a shy, unsure girl to a confident woman. I became an effective communicator and a real team player with the ability to work towards common goals.

In June 2018, I moved to Eindhoven. I feel strongly that my previous work experiences have helped me adapt personally and professionally to my life in Eindhoven. Firstly, moving to Bangalore was a step I never imagined making but eventually jumped at to work with Google. Secondly, the experience of working in an American work culture made me more adaptable to different working cultures, like the Dutch work culture.

With my past experiences, I do not feel that I had a difficult time transitioning to life in Eindhoven. I do not think I had to change much, especially because people are English-friendly and so I can learn the language at my own pace. In Women for Women, however, I did realize that professionally the language is creating a gap for me. Considering the opportunities I see available combined with my knowledge and skill set, bridging the gap with the language is my biggest priority.

In my transition to the Dutch job market, Expat Spouses Initiative has been a great support. If it were not for the team at ESI, I would not have had a chance to build my network or even know that my network needed to be built. ESI also really helped me understand the complex Dutch market. Moreover, my mentor, Natasja, has been a huge help from looking for opportunities for me to guiding me on my CV and clarifying the expectations of Dutch recruiters. I really appreciate all of the efforts Natasja makes for me.

What keeps me motivated is that I am really hopeful, and I know that the Netherlands holds a great future for me.