Purposely choosing to quit your lavish career, leaving your family and your country behind just for love is a real challenge. To accomplish this you should be really mindful, optimistic and self-motivated.

I was born and brought up in a small town called Vidisha in India. After completing my schooling in 2008, I moved to Bhopal city which is very near to my hometown to complete my Bachelors of Engineering in Information Technology. I was 21 years old when I completed my bachelors and moved to Bangalore, which is known as the IT hub of India, to search for a suitable job and got placed in Hewlett Packard in October 2012. I have grown from a naïve starter to a professional in HPE. I was at the peak of my career, receiving so much appreciation for my quality work, and got promoted thrice – my learning curve was growing and growing.

I was enjoying my life to the fullest, loving my job and was into my own world, when I met Sushant (my husband) in August 2015. I never knew that I would fall in love with him in a short span of time with all the butterflies in my stomach…. It was a different experience. Love was in the air. We were in a long-distance relationship, as he was living in Netherlands and I was in India. After almost 6 months we decided to get married and that I would move to Netherlands. It was a big decision and change to leave my thriving career and family behind to be with someone special. Finally I left my job in March 2016, got married in April 2016 and landed in Eindhoven in May, 2016.

After coming here we bought a house in Veldhoven. I was enjoying my new household life. I explored Dutch culture, new people, new cities around Europe and I was loving it. After settling down in July 2016, I wanted to start my career again in IT in the Netherlands. I started collecting information about the Dutch business market and explored many new things, like how people work here, what their likes and dislikes are, new technologies and every possible thing to step inside the professional market. But as always things do not always happen as you want them to. It was not really simple and easy.

One day somehow I came to know about ESI while surfing the web in November 2016. I joined the first introductory event and I was super fascinated by the idea and vision of ESI. I loved the way they inspire and motivate their surroundings. I started to get in touch with ESI more frequently and voluntarily helped them in their events and idea of helping others. Later I attended and participated in the preparation program for the ESI Live IT event held on 21st March 2017. The workshops were very effective and impactful for my professional and personal growth. I learnt so many quality things about Dutch working culture and the importance of effective networking which helped me to build my confidence stronger. On top of that I overcame my stage phobia as I presented myself for the first time in front of around 100 people and people loved to hear me and appreciated it. I have a different level of respect towards the idea of helping each other and this is the biggest reason why I got motivated and inspired by ESI. I am still looking for a job in Netherlands and ESI plays a big role in my journey of searching for jobs. I will always be proud to be a part of such an amazing and fast-growing organization.