I am…
A person with positive view on the world, who always tries to see opportunities. I love to connect people and to co-create because 2 always know more than  1.


Important & Inspirational 

Positive people, that have an eye to see opportunities which can have a positive impact on people’s life.

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A few weeks ago I found out about the ‘Womenfor Women‘ project from ESI & Living In. I was immediately impressed by this initiative and felt honored to be an Ambassador. Years ago I was the director/owner of a recruitment agency where I joined the Slagroomnetwerk, a dedicated network for female entrepreneurs. It stands for connection and stimulation of female entrepreneurship. For me, the success of that network is an example of how ‘Women forWomen‘ will also be successful.

With an extra multicultural dimension that offers something unique and makes it even more meaningful. These strong women already made the first step of their journey by moving to an entirely new environment. I’ll help them with the next steps, introducing them to people in my network, offering new experiences and making new connections.