Coronavirus’s impact on the world cannot be overstated, but it is truly global events like these that draw attention to the need for everyone to act together as humans for humans. It’s rarely been more important to look out for your neighbors, colleagues, family, friends, and strangers so that way, we, as a collective global community, keep as safe as possible.

People around the Netherlands are proving that they can and will do whatever it takes to help curb the COVID-19 crisis. Communities have mobilized, supported and uplifted others. Perhaps this collective experience has prompted so many inspiring stories and innovative initiatives redirecting resources and support to stand against the outbreak. So, here are some uplifting spotlight stories and activities, reflecting  WE ARE NOT ALONE, We Are In This Together.




The Job-Seeking Process During The Pandemic


The job-seeking process has changed during the pandemic. Some of us lost work; others did not manage to sign a contract even though they went through the entire recruitment process. Many job interviews now take place online. So how can you be successful in a digital environment?



Being an International Student in Eindhoven 


Every international student has their own set of unique challenges. Despite many seemingly negative aspects, many international students have demonstrated admirable resilience and adaptability during these times.



How to Handle Anxiety, And Maintain Positive Energy!


Many question marks and the rainy weather make it even more challenging to be of good cheer. However, we have a few tips on how to avoid hardships and maintain positive energy!



6 Tips to Redefine Work-Life Balance in Remote Set-Up


We need to redefine work-life balance and create a great flow to avoid feeling incredibly overwhelmed or unaccomplished. Here are some of my suggestions to implicate in your daily life in a remote set up.


Outdoor Activities The Dutch Way



You may be a newbie here who is just tracing the way of life in the Netherlands or already have a decent experience in the Dutch lifestyle. In both cases, we bet you will love this blog post, which will present several outdoor activities that are a big part of the Dutch culture.


Unforgettable Ways to Experience Brabant with Kids


Are you wondering how to keep your cool during a coronavirus summer with kids? As the weather turns hot, here is the summer bucket list for children: unforgettable adventures, and things to do in the Brabant.



Let’s Swim! Pools and Lakes in Brabant which You Will Love


When outside is getting warm and you feel like jumping in a bucket with ice, there is one good option – swimming in the water! You don’t have to go to the seaside to enjoy nice weather and to swim laps. Brabant has so much to offer!



Check out the Cities of Brabant for a Short Break this Summer

Planning short holidays at places nearby can be a good start and exactly at this point, we are lucky that Brabant has lots of things to offer us! We wanted to share some big and small cities of Brabant that you can visit and enjoy this summer without any hassle!


Guide to travel to Belgium, France, and Greece during this Corona Summer.


With countries around Europe, reducing coronavirus restrictions, opening borders, and creating new ways to ensure safe travel for visitors, summer holiday with in Europe is becoming a realistic possibility for relief-seeking travelers.



Building Awareness

Optimizing the Collaboration & Providing the Right Information with Holland Expat Center & Brainport Development’s collaboration to organize the regional information and make it accessible and useful to all the Internationals is a reassuring step. It is a welcoming sight to see them create Coronavirus Portal that gives access to the relevant and verified information and easy to navigate resources surrounding coronavirus.


We Are In This Together

The adventure of Milagros Maldonado in the Netherlands started 30 years ago when she moved here from Venezuela with her two children. During her time here, she founded El Centro Latinoamericano de Orientación which organises activities and gives information to help with the integration of Latin-American inhabitants of the Netherlands. She has lead various activities to empower women and has built a thriving community in Eindhoven.


Making A Crucial Impact

As each day brings more coverage on the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the people, it might be hard to keep positive while maintaining social distancing from your network. But the outbreak has also revealed some incredible moments as we adapted to the new way of life. Eindhoven News is making sure to keep the light shining on both the facts and the stories that help to bring hope during this uncertain time.



Story of Collective Good

Every day brings a new beginning. It is time to wriggle from our instinctive negativity and learn from each other not only to overcome but also to make these days change for the better. The story of Yolima van den Berkmortel will certainly empower all of us, considering she is one of the strongest fighters who has experienced severely hard times in various ways caused by the pandemic. She virtually opened her doors to us and kindly started to share her story.


Ask The Expert

Exploring the Dutch Culture In Business & Beyond by – Willem van Hoorn

This Expert Session is for everyone who wants to know more about Dutch Culture and strengthen your cultural awarenessOnce you have successfully moved to the Netherlands, the next step is to adapt to Dutch culture and understand cultural nuances, to ease your personal and professional integration.


Ask The Expert

Labour law during Covid-19 situation by – Mike KRAK

This Expert Session is for Jobseekers, Entrepreneurs, Professionals, and Anyone who wants to know about Labour Laws specifically during COVID-19 situation. As an Expat in the Netherlands, the Dutch labour situation can be challenging because of the cultural differences, and you might have a variety of questions and uncertainties. 


Ask The Expert

How to use LinkedIn in your job search by – Anne-Pauline WESSELS

This workshop offers great insights on  how to use LinkedIn in your job search. Leveraging LinkedIn – Navigating job search and Attracting Recruiters.

Did you know? 9 out of 10 employers use LinkedIn during the hiring process. LinkedIn is a perfect platform to catch the attention of recruiters.



Ask The Expert

How to be Confident and Successful in Negotiations by – LAURA LOZZA

This workshop offers an unusual angle about how to succeed in challenging negotiations. Discover what these traps are; and learn the THREE secrets that will revolutionize the way you go about discussing career, business, or anything that interests you, becoming a stronger influencer within your own unique, powerful style.


Ask The Expert

How to get a YES in a Virtual Interview by – Hamid Amir-AHMADI

This Workshop helps you on how to navigate the virtual interview process and improve your job opportunity during this period of uncertainty. With an abrupt shift to remote work-life, the recruitment and hiring managers have switched to video & telephonic interviews for health and safety reasons. Prepare yourself for this new industry trend with the experts.


WE ARE NOT ALONE campaign, has been finding encouragement and hope from the positive ways Internationals and Locals have supported, responded, and collaborated during the COVID-19 crisis. If you have a story of how you, your friends, or organization have either helped, survived, or worked together during this time, we want to hear it. Please send us a note. We would like to feature more collective initiatives proving their values through ingenious and humanitarian actions in this crisis.


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