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My Vision

Looking for opportunities to add value and create a positive impact with my acquired skills and expertise.

My Story

A business analyst and a certified scrum master with experience in requirement analysis, functional testing and agile project management.

I completed my education in India, obtaining a Bachelor’s in Engineering with a specialization in electronics and communications. I did my Master’s in Management with a specialization in Information Technology and Human Resources.

I worked as a Business Analyst for two years in TCS, creating applications for various business problems. I believe in simplifying processes, for which I was given various opportunities in my previous organization. One such example is digitizing the insider trading of the organization. This gave me an opportunity to implement my analytical skills, conduct interviews with the clients and analyze the requirements. I collaborated with the development team and the design team by breaking down the requirements into stories, which were easily understood by all. I successfully rolled out the application after ensuring that it was defect-free by carrying out functional testing. I also earned the privilege of presenting the application to various top executives including the CFO of the organization.

In my experience, I’ve gained a lot of self-confidence and leadership qualities. For instance, I am now able to initiate and take interviews with clients and analyze business requirements accordingly. I have also learned how to coordinate and communicate effectively with regional and global teams.

I arrived in Eindhoven in August 2018. After coming here, one main change I noticed was networking. I didn’t realize the importance of networking in my home country, but here I realized that through networking I could get new opportunities. I got new contacts and interview calls because of ESI and the Ambassadors, who I also came to know through networking. Presenting with ESI has also challenged me to become a better speaker and presenter. I’ve also gained valuable insights into the Dutch culture and work life.

With the Dutch course I’m attending, A2 level, I can survive and confidently speak some Dutch. Since language is a major part in relocating, I think this has helped me the most in my transition to the Netherlands. Also ESI has helped me build a network and make new friends.

In terms of my future, the interview calls always motivate me to find more opportunities. They make me feel that I am going in the right direction, and I know that people are eager to take me into the Dutch market. My Ambassador is also aiding me in my search. She is looking at positions and even speaking with recruiters in and out of her organization. She has also set me up with an interview in another recruitment company.