The decision to move abroad as an expat spouse is not the easiest one to make, particularly if the spouse (that’s me) has to leave behind a career that is the result of years of study and hard work. While the new role of my family’s Transition Manager proved to be challenging enough (I confess it was among the top 3 toughest jobs I’ve had), to me it was important to remain professionally and socially active.

That is easier said than done. Finding a job in a new country while you’re still learning the language and have no professional network can be quite frustrating. At some point you might realize you may need a different approach in your path, but it’s difficult to grip exactly which of your skills link to the work environment.

Well, the Expat Spouses Initiative did just that.

It helped me become a part of the professional international community, while channeling my searches and identifying the right opportunities.

The process was smooth, handled at high professional standards by Kavitha, and, of course, successful. I will gladly continue to be part of the Expat Spouses community though I am no longer an ‘expat spouse’, but a professional that is also an expat and a spouse.