We are proud to present the first ESI PEP spotlight event, first of a series sharing fascinating stories within the international professional network.

The PEP Marketing & Communications will share the challenges that they faced, how they overcame them and what are the deliverables, the ways in which they helped Tania in her upcoming marketing efforts. After their presentations, there will be time to talk to each of them individually if you would like, to network and brainstorm new PEP team topics or assignments.

OCTOBER 4th 2016, 18.30-21.00
Auditorium College Zaal 1 at TU/e, Eindhoven


18:30 – Networking

19:00 – Welcome by Kavitha Varathan, Co-Founder and CEO of Expat Spouses Initiative

19:05 – Opening by Stefania Gandolfo, PEP Marketing & Communications Coordinator

19:10 – Presentations by PEP Marketing & Communications team

20:00 – Closing Words by Tania Vernooij-Pelaez, Owner of Ecualanda

20:05 – Questions from the audience

20:15 – Drinks and Networking

About ESI Professional Empowerment Program (PEP)

We envision a world without borders and a new definition of an international resident of a place. We build communities of empowered people working together to create opportunities for everyone. One way we do this is through Professional Empowerment Program (PEP) teams, designed to connect people who have similar career goals or who want to learn or brush up on similar skills. This year we have successfully facilitated the launch of three PEP teams, driven by the Expat Spouses Initiative Community, for the benefit of our members.

Goal of ESI PEP Marketing & Communications

The PEP Marketing & Communications PEP Marketing was created in March 2016. The goal as a group was to help members acquire or enhance their knowledge and experience in the field of Marketing. We connected the group with Tania, an entrepreneur in our Community, who was looking to improve the marketing strategy for her business, Ecualanda. Tania was born in Cuenca, a major center of the Panama Hat production in Ecuador, South America. At a young age, she admired the art of weaving toquilla straw hats, which was practiced by people around her. After Tania moved to the Netherlands, in 2011, she came up with the idea to import Panama Hats. This way Ecualanda helps to maintain the craft, which is part of the national cultural heritage of Ecuador.


The complete team in an overview are: Cindy Shen, Paula Lirio, Laurent Khuat Duy, Juliana Drugdova, Tamar Pharadashvili, Maria Hatzigeorgiadou, Lupe Garcia Moreno, Stefania Gandolfo

How to join a PEP team:

In case you are interested in joining one of these PEP groups, let us know at info@expatspousesinitiative.org.

If you have a specific interest that would benefit a larger group, and you would like to initiate such a group, drop us an email too.


ESI PEP Coordinator: Camilla Spadavecchia camilla@expatspousesinitiative.org

ESI Marketing & Communications: Luciana Opran luciana@expatspousesinitiative.org