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Expat Spouses Initiative (ESI) helps internationals to integrate and connect to professional opportunities in a community-driven way. We work to maintain a pool of highly-skilled international talent that companies in the region can easily tap into.


Our mission is to enable employee mobility by building communities and redefining what it means to be an international resident of a place.

There are around 9,000 other highly-skilled, highly-educated international spouses in the Eindhoven region alone who are facing the same problems. 86% of the 1000+ international members in our network will eventually leave if they don’t find a job. No wonder that one out of every three expat contracts fails, costing companies millions in employee turnover costs.

ESI Live Tech connects technical professionals, experts and companies together, creating and strengthening a local, trusted international network. At ESI Live events, we turn traditional recruitment upside down, allowing you to meet and learn about candidates first-hand. Because we work with our talent, helping them to develop professionally, we can refer candidates to your company based on personal experience. After all, it all starts and ends with people. Are you curious about what the future of recruitment in an increasingly globally-connected world looks like?


Human connection: Referrals are almost always more efficient (and worthwhile) than conducting a widespread search for candidates.

Diversity is key: If organizations are going to stay afloat in the coming years, they’ll need to arm themselves with a strong international team that can help them prepare for the challenges ahead. What if we told you that all the international talent you’re looking for is right here, in your own region?

Save time: In 3.5 hours, you’ll have accomplished the equivalent of weeks of work, and been inspired in the process!

Are you curious? Want to see what the future of recruitment in an increasingly globally-connected world looks like? Join us on March 21, 2017 at Student Hotel Eindhoven (Stationsweg 1, 5611 AA Eindhoven) REGISTER