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My Vision

I would like to extend my knowledge in project management. I am interested in the research projects and the like. My other passion is literature and one day I wish to work in a publishing house.

My Story

I love deadlines and challenges and I am striving to make the path towards the shared goal crystal clear to everyone. Without initially realizing my previous work as a Public Relations Specialist already played to my strength and passion as a Project Manager.

My first professional job was as an Assistant Lecturer in a university managing workshops on media relations. Although delivering lectures was a bit challenging for me, I delivered well in the job because organization comes easy to me. In that position I learned a lot about organization, balancing and prioritizing tasks, making and implementing plans and facilitating complex processes. Afterwards, I worked at the Ministry as a Project Manager supporting media relations in Public Healthcare and Social Development. That position lasted two years and went very well for me because I was always able to meet my deadlines, and my manager and lecturers were satisfied with my work. 

Besides these roles, I also held a job in a Communication Agency with the same responsibilities as the role I held at the Ministry. While I was working in that position, I began a career shift from media relations to linguistics. To facilitate the transition, I began studying Linguistics in Moscow. Finally, when my husband and I decided to move to Eindhoven, I discontinued the study and set organizing family life here as a top priority. My family arrived to Eindhoven in 2016.

Arriving here gave me time to really reflect on my journey and think back on all of my growth. I realized that I am a natural planner and have always had the skill to view processes from start to finish in their entirety. I also reflected on my career and saw that in my progression, I have come to be proactive and focused on meeting requirements, sometimes those that oppose each other entirely. I’ve also become adept at understanding people and managing myself in a team setting, mainly through helping people envision their goals by building concrete plans to attain them.

In arriving to the Netherlands and becoming the partner of a ‘knowledge worker’ has not disempowered me but has motivated me to carry out my role to the my fullest potential. I am in a shift from one industry to another, which is taking time and resource investment. However, in my transition, I do not feel dependent on my husband. He is providing for our family, but I am holding our family together, managing our work/life balance, organizing our home life, attending classes to achieve a better future for our family and even doing some freelancing to contribute to our total income. I am confident that with our trajectory, things are going exactly as they should be going.

Previously, I searched for jobs for a year, but my CV did not match the job market. In participated in the Women for Women programme, I realized that Dutch would be a necessity in adapting my previous education to the workforce here. I also feel that I need more certificates to prove my level of education and know that media relations requires Dutch to communicate with the masses and connect with journalists. Expat Spouses Initiative has helped me to more clearly see my job title and myself. In the Career Development Program in September, I was able to take a step back and understand my trajectory, while Women for Women taught me how the labor market in the Netherlands works and helped me understand that my gap due to maternity leave is not a problem. I came out of the programme more confident began to reach for the opportunities that I know are there for me. I trust myself now because in CDP and Women for Women I refined my CV and learned how to sell myself as a great Project Manager.

Now, I’m studying a Pre-Master’s programme in Linguistics at Leiden University, but once I finish it, I’ll be able to use my CV to apply for countless job titles. I think once I have something related to the Netherlands, such as an education, I will be be able to gain a competitive advantage and find a career in my domain.

Galina Tumanova