Luciana Opran

Chief Marketing Officer, Expat Spouses Initiative

I was born and raised in Romania, partly in Bucharest and partly in Transylvania. I have a double citizenship Italian and Romanian, and I am ‘heart and soul’ a citizen of the world.

At 19 years old, I worked for a summer in a US Camp, and then travelled from New York to Los Angeles for a month, having only 150$ to spend, driving cars for those travelling by plane to their destination, but who wanted to bring their car too…so in a way we were their drivers… This was a defining, eye opening experience at an age we are most impressionable. And my desire to explore other countries and cultures was born.

In 2002, after getting my Bachelor diploma in Marketing and my Master Degree in Communications, I moved to Denmark, where I attended the Danish language classes, quite intensive given the 32 hours per week lessons. By the following year, I was getting my State Diploma for Danish as a second language. In 2003, I moved together with my husband to the Netherlands, and within two weeks I was offered a job as Danish speaking Ticketing agent. I stopped working in order to start my Master of Science in Business Administration, specializing in International Management at University of Twente. Work brought me to Eindhoven in 2005, for a very interesting and inspiring market research project at Philips Research. I have been working since then in various marketing areas, such as market research, new product development, field marketing, channel marketing and marketing communications for companies such as Philips Lighting, Philips Healthcare and H. J. Heinz. We moved back to Bucharest in 2012, where I worked for three years in marketing at IBM, but I could not stay away. When my husband was headhunted for a company in Nijmegen, I was extremely happy. I moved back to Eindhoven in 2015 together with my family, and immediately I joined the Expat Spouses Initiative team, being motivated by my passion to understand expats issues and create relevant solutions that help them in their new life in the Netherlands.

If you asked me what I love… I would say I love my life: my daughter, my husband, Eindhoven, actually The Netherlands, the forests, parks, nature, my dog…and even the rain which makes it possible to have different shades of green throughout the year. I am living my dream life. Dream, believe your dreams can happen… and they will happen!