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My Vision

The combination of knowledge, experience and positivity are the keys to change and progression.

My Story

I have extensive work experience, which has shown me how to put my theoretical knowledge into practice. I’ve learned that some things cannot be learned at school and interaction with employers is crucial. Also, sometimes the needs of society are different from what we are taught, which is why work experience enriches our knowledge. Throughout my professional life, I have learned that no matter what path life takes me down, the most important thing is to try to adapt and always strive to make progress. From mistakes, we learn and improve.

Since my arrival in Eindhoven 15 years ago, I have become stronger by stepping out of my comfort zone. That process has helped me to become a fighter and still remain an enthusiastic worker with a proactive attitude. Moreover, my non-Dutch background allows me to view “the world” from a different perspective, and this different point of view has enriched my work experience.

For a long time, I worked as an Office Manager at an international non-profit organization in Utrecht with partners in four different continents. There I organized meetings and coordinated Office Manager activities. After that I supported an ICT company as a Project Manager, where I had the pleasure to work with internationals, creating and adding content for new websites. Those were two jobs in which I was able to utilize my knowledge, energy and personal skills.  

In the Women for Women program I was reminded that networking is crucial in the job search. That is also the gap I identified during the Women for Women program because as soon as I had finished my Dutch education, I got a job and fell behind on networking.

What made my transition to the Netherlands smooth was the cumulation of my past experiences. I think that if you are a positive person, you can conquer the world.

Looking to the future, I am optimistic because of my experience; I think that my qualities as an Office Manager and my knowledge of the digital world are a good combination to help an organization in moving forward. I have developed a customer-oriented attitude and am positive, proactive, communicative, independent, and I speak several languages including Dutch. Moreover, I feel most at home in an international working environment.