Maria Hatzigeorgiadou

I came in the Netherlands 3 years ago following my Dutch boyfriend to his home country, leaving behind an active blog, a family and some opportunities that were about to open. I am a Brand and Visual Designer and until then I was working at the family business as a communication officer and also in high dynamic and smaller companies, in Design, Communication and Sales positions. When I moved to the Netherlands I thought that finding a job would be easy, and that I could pick up almost where I left. But things weren’t quite as I thought.

With the help of ESI in a few months I registered myself as a Brand Designer and soon I jumped in a Marketing and Communication team rebranding the small business Ecualanda. Despite the success of that team and all the networking events in the city, connecting with the right people and important  companies was still very difficult. Sending resumes didn’t work. How could I put my diverse experience, my path and personality in just  1-2 pages with listed company names and positions? Coming from a different culture how I could approach these people?

ESI took the initiative to organize the brilliant event ESI LIVE, where important local companies could meet with candidates in a more relaxed environment. All the candidates benefit from a custom designed preparation program of 2 months. Presentation skills, Resume building and tools, Storytelling  and branding ourselves, all and more that these were improved, not to forget our self-confidence! At the day of the event, finally, I got the chance to showcase my expertise, my goals and unfold my personality in front of a selected audience. Both sides enjoyed open conversation and ideas how the city of Eindhoven could benefit from the expat talents. Most important, at the end of the day, I discussed with companies for opportunities and expand my network.

Thank you ESI for all the effort and putting a highly skilled team working with and for us, making professional networking in the Netherlands easier and more effective!