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My Vision

I am looking for a job as a Project Manager, Key Manager or in Customer Services Area.

My Story

I studied my Master’s in Economics in Poland before starting a job in England and later went back to Poland and received my PhD in Management in the best economics university in the country.

After university, I moved to England and took my first job in retail. I was very satisfied with that job and saw a lot of growth. I moved up the ranks quickly, but then my husband and I decided to return to Poland, where I continued to work in retail as a store manager.

I left that position to get my PhD and start a business with my husband. I went back to school, and my partner and I set out to make a business plan. We were funded by the government and built our own business from the ground up. It was very exciting and we learned a lot through the process, like sourcing and corporate communications, merchandising, negotiating, software skills, accounting and writing grant proposals. I handled a lot of the business using skills I was learning in my PhD and finally finished my degree and received my teaching qualifications as well. Although I was offered a job to stay and teach in Poland, my husband and I did not feel at home there anymore. We decided to come to the Netherlands and I found a job at a retailer here in Eindhoven.

It was always my goal to make a shift from retail into a more technical field, but for family reasons, my career ended up taking a backseat. I stepped up for my family and made a lot of sacrifices during a hard time in our family life, but because of that, I have never been able to put my Doctoral degree to use. I have remained in a high level position in retail for several years now to be the provider my family needs, but in the last year I have been searching for a way to make a career transition.

In my transition to Eindhoven and my career transition in particular, I have learned to ask for help when I need it, to be open and transparent with people and to accept change as it comes. Although I was very focused on my career when I arrived in Eindhoven, one of life’s obstacles derailed me from my path and challenged me to reprioritize and grow in a different way than what I had planned. I had to focus on a different aspect of my being to be the parent my daughters needed me to be. Now, however, is my time, and I want to get back to forging the career path I was on.

By joining Women for Women, I have realized how important networking and connections are in the Netherlands.I have also learned how to own my situation and speak confidently about myself and my circumstances, especially about being a single mother. I understand better how to prepare my CV and reach out to make meaningful connections. Before, I was looking for a job online and not through contacts, but now I am taking a more active and targeted approach. My contacts and willingness to open up to people, coupled with my robust education and work experience give me confidence in my job search. 

Through my career, I have learned about different cultures, how to conduct myself with people from several different nationalities, how to work with people and be a good leader and coach and how to frame problems and find solutions. I’ve become more detail-oriented and have realized I do not crack in high-stress situations. Lastly, I have learned that when changes come, they can bring good things no matter how scary they may seem.