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My Vision

I would like to be integrated into Dutch society and into a motivated and innovative work team. Continuing to improve my architect skills.

My Story

Different experiences in France and the USA. Optimistic person and sensitive to environmental problems and want to find solutions for better constructions.

I studied architecture in Toulouse in southwest France and did a year as an exchange student in Montreal. As my first job, I worked as an architect in Toulouse in a big architecture firm working on housing, detached homes, and apartment buildings. Because the scale of the projects made it quite a high-pressure job, I was able to learn to work under pressure and function in a dynamic team. When I left that job, I moved on, I joined only one other architect working on eco-homes.

Throughout my career, I have learned how to work well with people I’m unfamiliar with, how to be adaptable in terms of software and processes within various companies and how to keep up with new regulations and laws, which are always changing and forcing you to constantly evolve your processes and focus.

I arrived in Eindhoven in September 2018. From the time when I took my first job up until my move to Eindhoven, my biggest evolution was my adaptability and my organization, especially professionally. Through learning to follow different rules and regulations, I also realized possible differences across various regions in terms of architecture. My travels have also made me more aware of cultural differences and what it really means to be French.

Through Women for Women program, Expat Spouses Initiative has made my transition to the Netherlands easier by explaining how the transition works and by facilitating meetings with people in the same situation as myself. The bikes make me really optimistic about my future in the Netherlands! The trains as well. In general, moving within the Netherlands is very free and easy.

Professionally, I have seen there are a lot of architecture firms, so I know there will be a place for me somewhere. I have already met a few architects, so I am learning about how architects here work and the organization involved. I would say this process is step by step, but I feel myself moving forward. So that’s good.