Monalisha Hazarika

It’s been a year now since I came to Eindhoven. I still remember the day when I met Kavitha for the first time in Centrum. I came back home with a better understanding about the professional life in the Netherlands and of course with lots of hope and relief that I found someone who can help me. I am an extrovert and the meeting with an individual who has this great vision for the expat spouses, gave me a lot of energy.
Later, an email came inviting me for a workshop where ESI would groom a group of people to participate in an event called ‘ESI Live’ – a live professional networking event among potential employers and employees. The invite came at the right time as I already got the reality bite that things were not very fast moving in the job front here unlike what I expected.
The ESI Live workshop provided me the right platform to prepare for jobs here, firstly, by connecting me with the right set of people – the job aspirants like me, the facilitators, the invited guests for the workshop sessions and finally the potential employers in the live event. Interaction with Mark Robinson, a senior professional and someone who had already delivered successful TED talk, is an unforgettable experience ! Secondly, the journey of ‘My pitch’ was an eye-opener. I thought that after 10 years of experience, summarizing and talking about my experience would be a breeze. But to my pleasant surprise, it led to lots introspection & self-discovery.
I sincerely thank ESI for giving me the opportunity to systematically prepare for job opportunities and to network with the right set of people which helped me get a job in Eindhoven, relatively quickly.