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My Vision

I like being engaged in a bigger production and a more complex process in this high-tech area and fill again the great sense of being effective and productive in association with a professional team.

My Story

Hands-on in electronics manufacturing as test and production engineer with great interest and passion in production, making, and creation.

My first job was in an oil and gas engineering consultant firm. The company provided very good jobs to people who worked with oil and gas, and my role was designing wiring inside the office buildings. I spent three months there learning and transitioning from university student to professional. I also learned a lot about working under pressure and stress management. I ended up leaving that first position to find a role that would suit me better.

When I left, I found a job in a start-up doing the programming and designing of the user interface for an audio-effector. I also got involved in the testing and production of many different products. The most important thing that I learned in my career is that when I like my work and am passionate about it, I excel in doing it. I excelled in several different projects after working at that start-up, and then I started my family.

Four years ago on the day of Carnival, I arrived in Eindhoven with a two-month-old baby and a five-year-old. Although I absolutely loved having the luxury of raising my young children myself, I was always the girl who wanted to prove to myself and others that I was the kind of woman who would be engaged in a career while raising my family. At the beginning, I stayed at home to raise my children, but now I am really motivated to get back into the workforce and set an example for my daughter that mothers can do anything they want.

When we initially arrived here, my husband could find a job but I couldn’t, which was a bit disheartening. I was actively searching for a job, but without support to teach me about the culture and the system in the Netherlands, I didn’t know what to do to find a job here and needed help. To be honest, I was confident in my skills but needed a little extra boost.

Last week when I interviewed, I was able to speak confidently about myself and why I was applying for the position, and I think that is why I got a position that was several grades higher than the position for which I was scouted. Moreover, that scouting happened because the advice given to me by Ritika in Expat Spouses Initiative to update and turn on the ‘searching’ function and update my LinkedIn. Finally, I was able to communicate more confidently and effectively because of the practice I had in the Women for Women program.

Before this program, I always thought that the four-year gap was my most critical gap, but during the program I realized that my biggest gap was that I wasn’t focused on what I wanted and I didn’t know how to demand it.

I don’t feel that I was very supported in my transition to Eindhoven. Even when I was searching for language-learning groups, they were very difficult to find. It is very different from when we were in Denmark. There we received many letters in English inviting our family to take three years of language classes for free and do many things around the city. In Eindhoven, I feel that this kind of support in my social life was lacking.

I am confident about my current trajectory because my new colleagues are very open to career development options and have already informed me that I can take any course I want and develop myself while working in the company. I’m very excited about my future now!