FRITS TOP 50 REGIONALE VROUWEN: Kavitha Varathan is the N.14.


Van Abbe reaches out to Eindhoven’s internationals

Van Abbemuseum was created as a cultural offer to the people of Eindhoven with a purpose to elevate them with the beauty of art and to give them an opportunity to be engaged in the cultural life. But what kind of cultural offer could meet the expectations of a culturally diverse, international community of today’s Eindhoven? Looking for an answer to this question, the curators of Van Abbemuseum in collaboration with Expat Spouses Initiative organization opened the dialogue on internationalization between the museum and expats of Eindhoven. This dialogue is the way to select the topics which should be addressed by the museum in its further work in order to reflect the society in museum’s exhibitions and to establish new relations between citizens of Eindhoven and art. Van Abbemuseum, with its collections containing a significant amount of works created by international artists, is the place where the need for the dialogue between a cultural institution and international residents of Eindhoven appeared naturally.

The first discussion session on internationalization was held on the 15th of November, 2017 in Werksalon of Van Abbemuseum. During the first session, the questions on the social issues most relevant for expats were brought up. How do expats view themselves in the community of Eindhoven? Which problems of life as an expat in Eindhoven are the most important to them? What are the challenges that an expat spouse faces? Are expats more politically active as the residents of Eindhoven or as the citizens of their homelands? How do expats identify themselves: do they feel Dutch, or European or maybe they feel being in the ‘grey zone’ of not fully belonging to any particular group? The questions discussed in Werksalon corresponded with the key topics of the exhibition “The Way Beyond Art” – Land, Home, and Work. “The way beyond art” is the exhibition of Van Abbemuseum which in time will represent the results of co-creation and collaboration of the museum and internationals of Eindhoven, conveyed in commentaries, stories told by the participants of the dialogue and changes in the display.

The museum will continue with the internationalization sessions in the near future. It encourages expats of Eindhoven who love art and are open to the dialogue to join the meetings in Werksalon. The registration for the next session is available at Expat Spouses Initiative.

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‘ Are you ready to go to Himalaya ? ‘ ‘ Anything is possible’ ‘ What does not kill you, makes you stronger’ ‘ Together we can make the magic happen’

Eindhoven, the Netherlands, 29 Nov 2016.

These are just a few lines from the pitches during ESI LIVE.

On 29 November we have organized our first event ESI LIVE event, where instead of inviting companies to have a stand and collect CVs from candidates, we invited candidates to pitch for about 3 minutes in front of companies. We have worked with the candidates in an 8 weeks track of workshops, from understanding your strengths, to telling your story in a compelling way and to CV, Linkedin and pitch trainings. The pitch moments at the event have been amazing: we have been taken along from Belgium to Himalayas and have listened to wonderful personal stories. It has taken a lot of courage to stand in front of a large audience and place oneself in the spotlight, with details about their personal life. 

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The city needs the international – but language remains a barrier

e52 ,26 Nov 2016.

‘ *The fact that we really need talents from all parts of the world to solve the challenges we are facing, is now more than obvious. But does the city have enough to offer for the international? Commissioned by the Living In coordinator Ed Heerschap from Eindhoven, a PEP team of the Expat Spouses Initiative (ESI) did some investigating. The most important conclusion: language remains a barrier.The purpose of the research was to figure out whether the level of facilities in the city meets the expectations of the expat. For that, the necessary source research has been done first and secondly hundreds of internationals have been interviewed.

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Eindhoven International Community Joins Forces with Local Companies to Address Increase in Global Labor Mobility

Eindhoven, the Netherlands, June 13, 2016.

Expat Spouses Initiative, together with EY, have announced the launch of ESI B.V., a social enterprise born out of the desire to create more opportunities for internationals in the Eindhoven region. EY, one of the leading service providers to large enterprises in the region and globally, is a founding partner of ESI B.V.

2016-03-16 hub career day-ab14a26e

International Career Day at the Hub Eindhoven
Eindhoven News ,  17 march 2016
On 16th of March at the Hub, the annual International Career Day Eindhoven took place. Talents from all over the world living in Eindhoven could meet local organizations to receive information about international career opportunities.

High Tech Piek Awards

This year the e52 High Tech Piek Awards were presented to nine people who made a significant contribution in the high tech arena (or from whom we expect great things in 2016). The award titles bespeak a holiday theme, with one “Piek” award (a typically Dutch Christmas tree-topper with a pointed shape), four “Star” awards, and four “Knallers” (firecrackers, or as we like to call them: Blasts). We’ve been talking to each of the award winners, and featuring one every day.

Today Kavitha Varathan What Awarded one of the Blasts of 2016 Why The jury is impressed by whatExpat Spouses Initiative has achieved so far and has even bigger expectations of the year ahead.

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 02.24.30 pm
Highly Educated Internationals Sidelined in Eindhoven
Omroep Brabant, 11 Oct 2015
EINDHOVEN: Brabant is filled with highly educated foreigners from India and England. However, their partners – mostly women – are mostly unemployed. Two women, Kavitha Varathan and Anne Yianni, are trying to reverse this.
ESI organizes Global City Eindhoven 2015
Eindhoven News, 18 Sep 2015
On October 2nd Expat Spouses Initiative (ESI), Eindhoven, will organize the event Global City Eindhoven 2015 at the HighTech Campus. ESI Eindhoven is a local grassroots organization run by internationals for internationals.
Talent spotting the next startup teams
Jonathan Marks, 1 Jul 2015
StartupDelta’s Jonathan Marks has been discovering the work of a clever new initiative in the South of the Netherlands, with potential to go national.
Startupbootcamp # the expat partner
E52, 29 Jun 2015
Eindhoven: city of accelerators and incubators” we wrote recently on e52. One of these accelerators is Startupbootcamp HighTechXL – now the selection for the third edition is under way.
A growing professional network of internationals
Eindhoven News, 9 Mar 2015
An interesting trend is emerging within Eindhoven: a growing professional network of internationals. Eindhoven is already very aware of the considerable international community living within.
2014-11-21 expat spouses initiative-097d869f
New expat spouses initiative
Eindhoven News, 23 Nov 2014
Recently a new initiative to help international spouses in Eindhoven and region to a fulfilling career saw the light.
Not one but two Marina van Damme grants
TU/e, 20 Nov 2014
Kavitha Varathan and Chantal Tax both received Marina van Damme grants today at TU/e. That’s exceptional, because normally only one grant is awarded each year.