Let me tell you a little bit about my background and how I ended up in the Netherlands. I was born in Mongolia and studied International Relations and after my graduation I decided to explore the world. I went to Ireland and had a family there but my husband was not from Ireland.

Then we decided to move to Belgium since my husband changed a job. Of course, I supported my husband and family and moved to Belgium. We had our second child there and got an opportunity to move to the Netherlands which is a hometown of my husband.

During all these times, we had been expats and now I still am. I love travelling, exploring opportunities and easy to adapt to new life and situation which is great. But one thing bothered me, it was a working life. I am an ambitious and challenging person who has spent many years studying for hoping to land my dream job. But when you have just moved into a new country, you face a series of new Challenges, from language to finding a job.

The biggest challenge was WHERE AND HOW TO START your working life (job). One day, I got connected to the Expat Spouses Initiative through social media and went to their workshops. This gave me a big hope. It was not only a workshop, it was a welcoming community and informative day for somebody who was struggling where to start… Today I have a job which I love doing, thanks to the ESI. I believe this is a start of many more opportunities…


Odka Tseren, Office Support at Effect photonics B.V, Eindhoven since September 2015