I am…

I am a great connector, influencer and motivator. I pay great attention to detail and am a trustworthy confidante. My core value is inclusion, and if I see an opportunity to help someone, I will take it.

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Important & Inspirational

Making a difference, that’s what inspires me. I believe everybody has the power to succeed. I want to make a difference by helping others see their full potential and helping them achieve their goals. Matching people to the right contacts, coaching on the job and mentoring those returning to the workforce is my passion. I have been with Philips for 12 years, before that I worked as a recruitment consultant for 7 years & travelled for 1 year.

Within Philips (Quality and Regulatory) I have a large network which I can share. If I see a match within my organization or my social life that can help you reach your goal, I will help you get connected.