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Coaching is all about you. It begins with where you are and helps you identify and travel to where you want to be. Coaching focuses on setting your goals, creating your outcomes, and managing your personal change, self-development, and success.
Coaching is an advice-free zone. A coach will not provide you with the solutions, but will give you the tools to find your own answers and solutions.



If you are:
• Thinking of redefining your career path
• Looking to re-enter the job market after a career break or because of the relocation
• Searching for answers to the question: „What am I good at?”
• Thinking how to overcome a feeling of being “stuck” career-wise
• Wondering where to start and how to move forward

our Career Discovery Program might be for you.


If you are:
• Interested in exploring new career opportunities and make a change in your career path
• Thinking how to improve your career progression with your current employer
• Considering to move into a new external position
• Unhappy, overwhelmed and not motivated in your current job
• Feeling a need to “dust off your dreams”
• Hesitating about setting up your own business
• At crossroads, not sure which direction to take
• Thinking how to improve your work performance and/or develop your professional skills
• Considering a great idea but you are afraid to make it real
• Wondering how to improve your work-life balance and realign your working life and personal priorities

our Career Coaching sessions might be for you.


If you are:
• Looking for a better quality, fulfillment and balance in your personal life
• Dealing with a new situation (relocation, new job, becoming a parent, etc.)
• Feeling stuck in indecision
• Struggling to achieve what you want
• Wondering how to tackle your challenges and transitions
• Getting easily distracted and don’t know how to stay focused
• Tired of timidity or low self-esteem
• In the middle of a personal crisis and need to manage your life but you do not know „how?”
• Repeating the same mistakes without knowing „why?”
• Thinking of changing some „bad” habits but you don’t have the motivation and skills to do so
• A good planner but you never put your ideas into practice
• At crossroads, not sure which direction to take
• Unhappy in your current situation and you feel a big desire to change it

our Life Coaching sessions might be for you.

“A positive experience which was both helpful and revealing. It does a person good to hear what they are capable of when they have little self-belief. I found my sessions with Sandra bolstered my self-confidence and made me aware that I do, in fact, have options, when I was feeling trapped, lost and displaced. The series of Life Coaching sessions was like being given a map and compass when I was previously direction-less, floundering and feeling I had no control over my own destiny. Empowering!”
– Coaching Participant –


Psychologist, Career & Life Coach for Expat Spouses:
I am an expat spouse, a psychologist, and a coach completing the ICF Accredited Coach Training Program. I am a forward-looking person with a holistic approach and professional experience related to HR, career counselling, project management, and psychological and health interventions. As a coach, I support my clients in establishing new directions and managing change by inspiring as well as challenging them to maximize their performance and live their life to the fullest. I believe that coaching is all about creating opportunities and conditions which allow people to unlock and release the potential that lies inside them. My approach is indirect, solution-focused, result-oriented, and tailored to my clients’ needs.
My motto: Dream big, feel deeply, plan wisely and lead by example.

Contact details:
Sandra Gustek (sessions in English and Polish) e-mail: ; ph: +31 639 76 56 90
or e-mail: –

“Great journey to self-discovery and new insights to jump the hurdles on my path!”
– Coaching Participant –

“Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process
that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.”

– International Coach Federation: ICF –

“Coaching sessions – Time to think and
speak up.”

– Coaching Participant –