From Surviving to Thriving: 8 Tips to Help You Catch the Eindhoven Vibe

8 Feb 2016

Before setting foot in a new city, expats have a ton of questions about if and how they can fit in. A primary question people might ask about Eindhoven: is it a big city or is it a village? Why doesn’t it have all those characteristic, narrow Dutch townhouses like Amsterdam? Is it a modern, global city or a provincial or regional hub? View article by Betsy Lindsey


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Impressions from Demo Day

4 Jan 2016

The theme of Startupbootcamp HightechXL’s Demo Day this November was “3xStronger”, and strong it certainly was.
View article by Kate Brunton

10 signposts on how to brew your own Magic Potion for High Tech innovation ecosystems

Insights on how to build a High Tech innovation ecosystem that (really) works!

Wow! What a year it’s been. There have never been so many foreign delegations visiting High Tech Campus Eindhoven. Some even booked a fact-finding trip to Eindhoven to discover if we have some kind of “magic potion” for our innovation ecosystem. What can explain the consistent successes we’re having in innovation? My answer often causes raised eyebrows. “Every city needs to discover the recipe for its own magic potion!” View article by Bert Jan Woertman


Global City Eindhoven: Highlights of the First Annual Event

03 Nov 2015

Everything you need to know about the Global City Eindhoven event organized by Expat Spouses Initiative.
View article by Kate Brunton


Indestructible Eindhoven

Global Conversation, 29 Sep 2015

Peter Kentie, managing director of Eindhoven365, relates his experiences in the changing city of Eindhoven. He also talks about the spirit of Eindhoven and what the city can mean to its citizens.
View article by Kate Brunton

Living with the Dutch

Global Conversation, 30 Aug 2015

Dr. Frans J.A.M. Greidanus, former Head of Philips Research Asia and CTO Philips Asia, offers his perspective on living abroad and integrating into Dutch society.
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Think Global; Act Local

Global Conversation, 24 Aug 2015

Sander Lieftink, director at TMC Group, discusses the benefits of living in Eindhoven and offers some advice for internationals.
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An Unlikely Partnership of Like, But Different Minds

11 Aug 2015

Expats and Startupbootcamp Collaborate to Further Goals
View article by Laura Hockensmith

A Passion for Startups; A Passion for People

Global Conversation, 01 Aug 2015

Guus Frericks, managing director of Startupbootcamp HighTechXL, shares his love of startups and offers advice on how to become more involved as a global citizen.
View article by Kate Brunton