We are different because of our cooperative background. For instance, we fully support associations and foundations in Eindhoven, Veldhoven and Wintelre, as they play an important role in the local area’s vitality and contribute to the quality of life in the region. We not only offer financial solutions (also in English) but also connect, contribute, and support initiatives in the region that will make us all stronger.

A strong region is a connected region and a region that achieves the best of its potential. We support the idea ESI represents and we will do our best to connect the region with the ESI network by organizing events to introduce ESI members to interesting parts of Eindhoven. It is our goal to create a warm, fun and inspiring environment. Invested in each other!

RABOBANK and ESI are committed to finding long-term solutions that sustain and help grow a rich, diverse, local ecosystem for internationals in the region. Solutions that are empathetic responses that make internationals feel at home and integrated, which include encouraging local businesses to tap into the largely untapped talent that is available right here within the ESI community.

Rabobank for Expats

Specialized staff are on hand to make the transition to the banking system in the Netherlands smooth and efficient. We offer approachable, English speaking staff and an easily accessible service desk. But above all, the Rabobank Expat Desk is a one-stop shop for all your financial matters.

Rabobank Expat Desk offers the following products:

•        Checking and savings accounts
•        Investments
•        Mortgages
•        Insurance

The Specialized Expat Services include:

•        Approachable, English speaking staff
•        Rapid application process
•        A one-stop shop for all your financial matters

The Rabobank Expatriate Service is offered in Eindhoven at the Emmasingel 4.

More information?

Call the Rabobank Expat Desk at (040) 293 60 00.

E-mail: Info.Eindhoven-Veldhoven@rabobank.nl

Are you a local or international startup? Here’s how RABOBANK may help you!

We distinguish ourselves in our operation for specific target groups through specialized desks like Topsportdesk for athletes, Medicidesk for specialists from the medical world, and of course our Expatdesk for expats. Since October 2014 we have been a resident and active member of the center for sports marketing and media: SX StrijpS. In December 2015 we co-founded the VC-desk at High Tech Campus to accelerate startups, and we are a resident and member of the Health Innovation Campus in Veldhoven. Finally, for the innovative entrepreneur, we founded the innovation service www.teckle.nl.

Rabobank believes that mutual cooperation and partnership are the best means for reaching its goals. After all, you stand stronger together than alone. Because of our faith in this cooperative concept, we want to be a part of building better living and working environments for and with our customers. Our prime mission is to help achieve our customers’ ambitions. We also feel a sense of shared responsibility for our customers’ growth.