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My Vision

I really like to extend my knowledge and experience in data science. Ideally using my knowledge with healthcare data to help people having a healthier life.

My Story

I am person with a strong understanding of data analysis with a perspective from details to the big picture, with a focus from problem-solving to solution sharing.

I have extensive knowledge and experience in artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analysis, and statistics methods. Hands-on experience in programming with Python and MATLAB working with different datasets. I studied computer engineering and got my Bachelor’s and Master’s in my country, Iran. For my Bachelor’s I went to Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, and for my Master’s I worked with two different universities.

Working as a researcher and data analyst in ESI was my first experience after university because when I came to the Netherlands I had just graduated. The results were brilliant, and everyone was very impressed and satisfied. In the first month, there were five of us from very different backgrounds and cultures. We needed some time to work together and get to know each other, but from my experience, it was really helpful to have time to get to know my teammates.

In my first work experience, I found out my strengths and weaknesses while working on a team. I also found out how to use my strengths to overcome my weaknesses. I realized I can perform my tasks very well, even more so than I expected. Because of this, my confidence improved with each step of the project. This was my first experience in a team, and I was impressed by the power of teamwork.

My husband and I arrived in Eindhoven in July 2017 when he started a Ph.D position at Tu/E. I faced some challenges before finding ESI because when I arrived in Eindhoven, I wanted to meet international friends and use intercultural communications, but I needed to take English class as a bridge to the international community. Then my friend introduced me to a Business English class through ESI and I was requested to send in my CV. After that, I was brought on to take part in the PEP project discussed above in a team with four other internationals.

I am positive for myself in the job hunt first because I believe in my resume and my experience. Second, I have seen my friends, like those in Women for Women, succeeding in finding jobs, which makes me more motivated and shows me that it is possible to find a position here. I know I can do it, but in the right time for me. But it will come.