My Story

Meaningful conversations and touching the lives of others are what intellectually challenges me.

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My Vision

More aware, less expecting and more accepting of self and others.

Meaningful conversations, touching the lives of others are what intellectually challenges me.

I have a constant and inseparable relationship with the IT industry and people who work in IT companies! Coming from a family filled with mostly techies and some who are into the medical field, intrinsically, I turned out to be something else – a foodie and a people’s person. Which means, I would love to have good food with interesting people! To say more about what I just stated, I’m someone who’d love to connect with people from all aspects of life (from diverse backgrounds and cultures) at a personal and professional level. While for others, it gives a sense of satisfaction and a positive impact of being able to move to the next level in the professional environment, for me, it gives a sense of fulfillment and being a “value addition” in others’ lives. My previous experience as HRBP and a City Community Manager for burrp!, a social lifestyle portal focussed on Indian metropolitan market, helped me exactly do what I enjoy the most.

I arrived in Eindhoven in December 2017. My transition into Eindhoven still isn’t complete; it is a work in progress. Speaking of my transition here, I haven’t yet arrived at a conclusion. This is only the second city I’ve lived in my life, and it hosts plenty of differences from my hometown. I am actively learning about this place and its culture and am trying to figure out what positive change I can affect in myself and on the place in which I am living.

In the Women for Women program, I was able to get a step further in my transition by learning about the Dutch labor market and hiring practices.
So far, my transition into Eindhoven has been made easier by several things including my partner, neighbors, and the general expat community, which is social and hospitable.

A difference I’ve seen because of this program is that I’m attracting the attention of hiring managers, which wasn’t the case before. I have access to a network now that I couldn’t have imagined without ESI. I am also getting more LinkedIn traffic and I am having those face-to-face chats for unadvertised jobs that require an introduction, and that makes a difference in the job search. I don’t feel like I have to blindly send my CV into roles in big companies anymore.

“There are no regrets in life, just lessons” – Someone wise