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My Vision

Contribute with my knowledge and experience in a project that represent a good for my community and the world.

My Story

I love to connect with people and together, solve problems and achieve common goals, in a challenging business and technical environment.

I got my Master’s in Information Technology and Electronics and Computer Systems Engineer from the University of Guadalajara Mexico. My first job was during university, a year before graduating, as an intern doing electronic testing. Then I took a job as a Test Engineer.That job was great because I gained skills like leadership and learned who I am as a professional. I also learned persuasion techniques while working with operators on the production line. At this point I also became very interested in project optimization.

After that job, I held positions as Project Engineer, Contract Manager, Manager of Service Agreement Sales Mexico/Argentina, Project Leader of System Implementation LATAM and Service Delivery Manager for LATAM.

Throughout my career I have learned that when you enjoy your work, you will feel that you are growing and developing yourself and not just working and that when you are part of a team it is important to respect the ideas and opinions of your colleagues while maintaining your own values.

My husband and I came to Eindhoven in August after he received a job offer here. For us as a couple, it was an opportunity to experience an international environment, and for each of us individually, it was the opportunity for a career change.

From the time I began my career until I came to Eindhoven, I became a lot more open to change. I feel this way both in my personal and professional life. For me, this transition in Eindhoven has been an opportunity to restart but has also really given me free time to do what I love and to discover the implications of a career transition.

Receiving rejections has been tough, but I am intrinsically motivated to keep looking for a project through which I can contribute to society. Although I did feel that I was alone in my situation, finding the group at Expat Spouses Initiative showed me that other women are in the same position as me and we can all learn from and support one another.

During the Women for Women project, I did realize that there is a lot of competition in international companies in my field of customer service. This showed me that I really do need to build a network, so that I have an extra push to get these jobs. I think we are in a very international city, so language alone is not a gap for me. I think it’s the competition in my field.

Something that made my transition easier was discovering that I am not the only person going through this process, which has helped me find confidence. The confidence that I have in my knowledge, skills and experience and the feeling that I am ready to start working in the Dutch market gives me a positive outlook for my job search.