Small and Medium Enterprises, SME’s, are the future of a global Eindhoven. International talent can strengthen small and medium businesses, accelerate their growth in an increasingly global market, and help them scale-up and become established, stable and large businesses.

When a company hires an international, the company will be able to exceed their innovation power. Internationalizing their workforce can be the defining differentiator to be a sustainable business, ready for the future and scale-up.

However, not all small and medium business have access to or harness this powerful asset. This project will address this issue, build a network of SME’s and will create new local opportunities for international talent in Expat Spouses Initiative’s network.

By linking a large international talent pool, which is locally settled – the ESI Community – and local SME companies a win-win-win situation can be achieved.
1. Help local international talent to link into the regional ecosystem;
2. Support SME’s during their internationalisation process;
3. Build a long-term solution, by building a Dual Career Network, which enables internationals to integrate professionally and personally.

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