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My Vision

Looking for opportunities to use my past experience and develop my skills that give me self satisfaction and happiness.

My Story

Knowledge and experience in software programming. Hands-on experience in programming with c++, core java . Past experience as web programmer.

I did my Bachelor’s of Computer Science Engineering in southern India at the Jawaharlal Nehru Technical University. My first job after university was as a software engineer in India. The job went fine, and I was really happy with my work. I learned a lot of things from my job, like how to communicate with people. And in the technical aspect, I learned computer programming, how to organize my code, how to interact with clients, the design and requirement phase and the software life cycle process.

I worked for one company in India for almost seven years before moving to the Netherlands. In the Netherlands I worked part-time for a year and a half as a web programmer for two small companies. When I had just completed my degree, I wasn’t very clear on how to socialize with people in the professional world, so I’ve really grown in my socialization skills. From the technical point of view, I’ve learned programming and how to interact with team members.

I have matured professionally since my first job. I learned a lot of things from the office community… In India, we are confined to the house and among school mates and don’t learn about professional communications until later. I learned how to differentiate between my professional and personal life.

I arrived in Eindhoven with my husband in 2011. When I moved to Eindhoven, it was supposed to be temporary, so I didn’t consider my professional career at the time. It was quite tough for me to be home after I’d been working for so long. After a while, we decided that we would settle in the Netherlands, and I started to look for a part-time job, but now I am looking for a permanent position. I want to restart my career as a full-time programmer, with a schedule of at least four days a week. I want to improve my skills, contribute to a team and keep learning.

Initially, I was a bit worried about my career gap becoming a hindrance to restarting my career, but I realize now that it is not a problem, and I will be able to find a job if I am ready to work hard. I met a lot of people in the [Women for Women] program and developed a lot of confidence in myself. You remember how I was during the first meeting, and I have slowly developed my confidence to talk to people.

With the connections I’ve made, I think I can try to meet even more people, especially with the connections I’ve made in ESI [Expat Spouses Initiative]. They have really helped me a lot, especially in building my confidence. The work experience I’ve had is a strength for me that will help me go for a job again. I really feel that my experience is really helpful. I am a quick-learner, especially from the technical point of view.