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Ton Sluiter
Manager Corporate Marketing at USG People

I am thrilled about our partnership with Expat Spouses Initiative. They’re addressing a need in the Brainport region that’s been ignored for too long. This cooperation opens up a world of possibilities for companies in the region, for the local government, and most importantly, for the people in the community. I’m looking forward to working with them.


Joost Smits
Partner Human Capital at EY

“At EY we are committed to building a better working world, and I believe that one of the ways we can do that in the Eindhoven region is by supporting Expat Spouses Initiative. It’s an opportunity that more companies should be taking advantage of as either being a company hiring expats and offering support to their spouses or by hiring expat spouses with their unique international skillset. At EY we believe that through this initiative we can further strengthen the international business and social environment in our region”.


Guus Frericks
Managing Director at Startupbootcamp HighTechXL

“This is the most exciting thing happening in EHV in 2015. When Kavitha and Anne told me that there are 9,000 highly skilled internationals in the region who aren’t being utilized, I said, ‘that’s insane! Let’s plug them in to the network.’ Which is what we did. I am truly proud of them today.”

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Get Responsive

We get more and more best technical questions from our customers. And that’s why we were looking for someone who, in addition to our technical magician Jorran, could help us.
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Peter Hermans

Jakajima’s expansion of the business at international level drove the company’s necessities towards enriching its global knowledge and enlarging its team with new employees with international background and experience.
It was the moment when we turned to the Expat Spouses Initiative, as a pool of resources of highly qualified international professionals.
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Jonathan Marks
International Media Strategist

A team of 50 expat spouses carefully screened around 2500 companies in three weeks! But the potential of this approach is going to have an even bigger impact amongst the 9000+ expats living in the Brainport Eindhoven area.  I know that several foreign VC’s agree with me in that such as scheme should get priority resources to go national, and even international.
Jonathan Marks, International Media Strategist working in London, Eindhoven and San Francisco.

Community Voice

Arpita Sarkhar, Application Support Specialist

Purposely choosing to quit your lavish career, leaving your family and your country behind just for love is a real challenge. To accomplish this you should be really mindful, optimistic and self-motivated.

I was born and brought up in a small town called Vidisha in India. After completing my schooling in 2008, I moved to Bhopal city which is very near to my hometown to complete my Bachelors of Engineering in Information Technology. I was 21 years old when I completed my bachelors and moved to Bangalore, which is known as the IT hub of India, to search for a suitable job and got placed in Hewlett Packard in October 2012. Read more

Karen Choo-Haeberle, PR & Communications Director at STARSKIN®

When I moved to Eindhoven with my husband (for ASML), there was little demand for native English PR and Communications professionals — most of the international companies are in the Randstad region. But because he enjoys his work, we decided to stay put for a couple more years. In between, I worked freelance, and then later, after a chance encounter with specialized recruiter, for Philips. However it was not easy to find the perfect job where I can apply my full set of communications skills.

After the birth of our son, I contemplated going back to work. It was then a good friend mentioned to me about ESI and I thought I’d reached out to the network. Read more

Veronica Albrecht - Head Plant Scientist at Sensoraid

Shortly after joining ESI and providing my professional information they contacted me that there is a startup at the Startupbootscamp named Sensoraide who would be in need of someone with my expertise. It was a perfect match for both sides!

Ammar Yasir, Mechanical and Materials Science Engineering

I had moved to Eindhoven since February 2015 with my wife working as PhD candidates in TU/e (Technische Universiteit Eindhoven). Expat Spouses Initiative (ESI) has been a great platform for me to network and exploring new opportunity in the Brainport.

Diana Macovei, Community & Content Manager, Jakajima

The decision to move abroad as an expat spouse is not the easiest one to make, particularly if the spouse (that’s me) has to leave behind a career that is the result of years of study and hard work. While the new role of my family’s Transition Manager proved to be challenging enough (I confess it was among the top 3 toughest jobs I’ve had), to me it was important to remain professionally and socially active. Read more

Odka Tseren, Office Support at Effect photonics B.V, Eindhoven since September 2015.

Let me tell you a little bit about my background and how I ended up in the Netherlands. I was born in Mongolia and studied International Relations and after my graduation I decided to explore the world. I went to Ireland and had a family there but my husband was not from Ireland.

Then we decided to move to Belgium since my husband changed a job. Of course, I supported my husband and family and moved to Belgium. We had our second child there and got an opportunity to move to the Netherlands which is a hometown of my husband. Read more