I am…

People manager with focus on intercultural communication and cross cultural teams.

Important & Inspirational 

What is truly inspirational to me is meeting new people and learning from one another. It’s not a one way street, it has nothing to do with educational level or the professional position you have, it is about getting together and being open to another person’s experiences.

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The reason I joined the ‘Women for Women’ project is that I have seen first hand how important it is for spouses to be able to (re)start their career in the Netherlands. Most are highly skilled and come from challenging jobs in their native country.

Working helps in many ways: you get challenged, you meet new people, you feel part of society, etc. It goes beyond ‘doing your job,’ it encourages integration as well. Therefore we already hired a lot of spouses within ICT Group, and I hear from them how valuable their professional occupation is to them. It can only lead to me joining this project to see if I can contribute as well