Van Abbemuseum was created as a cultural offer to the people of Eindhoven with a purpose to elevate them with the beauty of art and to give them an opportunity to be engaged in the cultural life. But what kind of cultural offer could meet the expectations of a culturally diverse, international community of today’s Eindhoven?

Looking for an answer to this question, the curators of Van Abbemuseum in collaboration with Expat Spouses Initiative organization opened the dialogue on internationalization between the museum and expats of Eindhoven.

This dialogue is the way to select the topics which should be addressed by the museum in its further work in order to reflect the society in museum’s exhibitions and to establish new relations between citizens of Eindhoven and art.

The museum will continue with the internationalization sessions in the near future, check out our events page. It encourages expats of Eindhoven who love art and are open to the dialogue to join the meetings in Werksalon.

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