Starting over in a new culture and living in a multicultural society is not easy. It is even more challenging when we have strong opinions about issues and language barriers.

Here are some tips on how to live a fulfilling life as an international talent.





A quick look into the Dutch government and parliament – Prinsjesdag (Little Prince’s Day)- that always takes place on the third Tuesday of September, marks the symbolic opening of the Dutch parliamentary year. In a speech to a joined assembly of both chambers of parliament, the reigning monarch reads aloud the government’s plans for the coming year.

What and How is Prinsjesdag is celebrated?




Eating herring is a Dutch tradition. The Hollandse Nieuwe has been linked to Dutch culture for centuries, but not every freshly caught herring can bear that famous name.

So, where exactly do these kinds of herring come from?




I polder, you polder! Here we dive into the geology of the Netherlands, and, maybe to your surprise, discover what the sociologists have derived from the same geology about some character traits of the Dutch.

How The Geology of the Country Shaped The Mindset of the Dutch?





What’s Your Superpower? Understanding your unique strengths is critical to anyone in job-search mode, negotiations, or just going back to work after a long break. Here are some proven tips on finding your strengths to maximize your potential.

How to Find and Focus on Your Unique Strengths




More people cycle than drive in the Netherlands. This hasn’t happened by accident, and it isn’t due solely to the country being relatively flat. There is a bicycle culture that has been deliberately grown and maintained by producing conditions that encourage cycling. 

Born on Two Wheels – A Look at the Dutch Cycling Network 





Most of us, as professionals, want to have a career where we’re doing something we’re good at, we’re happy at, and where we create value for others. But maybe you’re like many people, and your current job doesn’t excite you anymore. It doesn’t motivate you like it used to and you’re ready to make a change. You’re thinking about a career pivot, about changing the trajectory of your professional career.

How to Pivot and Reboot your Career




Do you often struggle with Dutch street names and house numbers? This interesting read offers a little exercise in the Dutch language and explains the recurring elements in Dutch street names. After hanging around in town for a while, you’ll pick up the most common endings of the names on the street signs here. Ever wonder what a particular Dutch family name means? Or where it comes from?

The Story Behind Dutch Street Names





Ever wonder what a particular Dutch family name means? Or where it comes from? 

Decoding the Dutch Family Names



We have realized that finding a job in another country isn’t necessarily easy or difficult – it’s just different.  For anyone who has been searching tirelessly for a job opportunity, especially outside the tech-industry, we would recommend attending as many online networking opportunities as possible.  Your goal shouldn’t be to focus solely on finding a job, but to build a new network too.

How to Increase your Job Prospects through Online Networking



One particular mirror in which you can closely observe a country’s culture and its do’s and don’ts, is how it celebrates its festivities. And that can be either local varieties of festivities that are celebrated in large parts of the world, like carnival, or festivities that are only part of the local tradition, like ‘Koningsdag’. Koningsdag is celebrated on April 27th, indeed the day King Willem Alexander was born, in 1967

Koningsdag: Celebrating the Monarch Dutch Style



If you’ve been looking for a job for a while, you might know what we mean when we say that your confidence may not be quite where it was when you started your search. While we all know that rejections are inevitable . Here we’ve put together some of our top tips for boosting your confidence during your job search, whether you’re sending your CV off to a recruiter or preparing for an interview.

How to Boost Your Confidence During The Job Search



The benefits of volunteering can last a lifetime—not only for those who you are helping but for you as well.  Volunteering offers vital help to people in need, worthwhile causes, and the community, but the benefits can be even greater for you, the volunteer. The right match can help you to find friends, connect with the community, learn new skills, and even advance your career.

Volunteering is personally rewarding and fulfilling.



The Moving abroad to live as an expat is an exciting adventure. But finding your rhythm, making friends, and building community in a new culture can sometimes be difficult. This can be especially true for those who move with a partner who already has a job in The Netherlands. While the employed partner quickly falls into a work routine and makes connections with colleagues, the unemployed partner can feel alone and isolated.

Making Friends and Finding Community in Eindhoven




The pandemic drastically impacted the educational landscape all around the world. Every international student has their own set of unique challenges. Despite many seemingly negative aspects, many international students have demonstrated admirable resilience and adaptability during these times.

Being an International Student in Eindhoven 





The job-seeking process has changed during the pandemic. Some of us lost work; others did not manage to sign a contract even though they went through the entire recruitment process. Many job interviews now take place online. So how can you be successful in a digital environment?

Companies ARE hiring during Covid-19 and you can also land a job!




For the last couple of months, the biggest events of Noord Brabant and the Netherlands, such as GLOW and Dutch Design Week (DDW) are taking into account new ideas to be able to execute these events under the COVID-19 measurements.

Here are some of the events that you can enjoy online in a new format






Summer is gone, kids are going back to school, and many of us are still working from home. We don’t know what will happen during the autumn with Covid-19.

Here are tips from the expert on how to handle anxiety, and burnout and maintain positive energy!






When outside is getting warm and you feel like jumping in a bucket with ice, there is one good option – swimming in the water! You don’t have to go to the seaside to enjoy nice weather and to swim laps. Brabant has so much to offer!

Let’s Swim! Pools and Lakes in Brabant which You Will Love






We need to redefine work-life balance and create a great flow to avoid feeling incredibly overwhelmed or unaccomplished. Here are some of my suggestions to implicate in your daily life in a remote set up.

6 Tips to Redefine Work-Life Balance in Remote Set-Up






You may be a newbie here who is just tracing the way of life in the Netherlands or already have a decent experience in the Dutch lifestyle. In both cases, we bet you will love this blog post, which will present several outdoor activities that are a big part of the Dutch culture. 

Outdoor Activities The Dutch Way





Are you wondering how to keep your cool during a coronavirus summer with kids? As the weather turns hot, here is the summer bucket list for children: unforgettable adventures, and things to do in the Brabant.

Unforgettable Ways to Experience Brabant with Kids





Planning short holidays at places nearby can be a good start and exactly at this point, we are lucky that Brabant has lots of things to offer us! We wanted to share some big and small cities of Brabant that you can visit and enjoy this summer without any hassle!

CHECK OUT the Cities of Brabant for a Short Break this Summer




With countries around Europe, reducing coronavirus restrictions, opening borders, and creating new ways to ensure safe travel for visitors, summer holiday with in Europe is becoming a realistic possibility for relief-seeking travelers.

Here is the Guide to travel to Belgium, France, and Greece during this Corona Summer. 




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