You may be a newbie here who is just tracing the way of life in the Netherlands or already have a decent experience in the Dutch lifestyle. In both cases, we bet you will love this blog post, which will present several outdoor activities that are a big part of the Dutch culture. Let’s get started!


To know cycling is one of the most significant parts of this culture; spending only a few minutes in any Dutch street is more than enough. Everywhere is pedal away and good to flow with your bike. Cycling is a great outdoor activity that came with various versions such as; bike touring, road cycling, mountain biking, and more. There are countless well-kept gentle cycle paths in the Noord Brabant region to discover its diverse nature, such as; De Kempen, Dommeldal, Kampina, De Biesbosch, Gorp en Rovert, the Oisterwijkse Vennen and so on. You can also enjoy themed routes, which will bring you a different perspective of the place you visit.

Yet, you can also try to cycle on rugged off-road tracks that are perfect for mountain biking. If you are sure of yourself, you can make the most distance routes to other cities and even have biking holidays. You can plan your route and pace according to your level and enjoy this beautiful land’s fabulousness. Congratulations, you just passed the first step to adopt the dutch lifestyle!

Kayaking and Standup Paddle Boarding

For those who love to be as thick as thieves with water, kayaking, standup paddleboarding, and similar activities are what you are looking for. The Netherlands is the country of water: canals, sea, rivers, streams, and lakes. So you are at one of the best spots for kayaking, canoeing, or SUP (stand up paddle). In total, there are about 20 kayak trips for you to discover within the Netherlands, and 5 of them are in the Noord Brabant region, such as; the Boven-Dommel-Gennep route, the Malpie route, the Beneden-Dommel route, the Aa route, and the Reusel-Essche stream route. For short trips on the water, you can always find small trails to follow with a paddleboard inside or around your city. Alternatively, you can choose the longer routes as kayaking routes if you have some experience.


In the Netherlands, here and there, there are always things to do that will keep you alive and fresh. Rollerblading is a big thing in the Netherlands because of the flat terrain of the region. Aside from cycling, it is also possible to rollerblade on the bike lanes of the city. Furthermore, there are many different trails that you can savor the beauty of nature while keeping up with the new generation activity of the Dutch culture. If you need some practice before you sail away, there is one of Europe’s largest indoor skateparks with over 2800 square meters of spectacular skating space in Eindhoven, called Area51.


When the Dutch go camping, they go camping on their terms. Whether it is caravan or tent camping, they do not miss any of the luxuries of home. The huge facilities ranging from pools to fancy restaurants of the camping sites also help keep the experience this way. Yet, you can still sleep right under the stars, enjoy the silence, and have quality time. You can easily find different places in the country, around your city, or even possibly 5 min away from your home. Unfortunately, wild camping is not allowed in the country; however, there are a significant number of spots that you can camp while enjoying the pure nature with just basic sanitary facilities. Campsites are ranging, and spots are rented for as long as you like.
After all, the camping concept may be totally different from what you dream of; however, what about trying the Dutch version this time?

You get a glimpse of what’s awaiting outdoor enthusiasts like you here. Once again, welcome to one of the best regions to offer you more than you ever expect.


Regardless of establishments doing there best to keep things clean and adapting to 1.5 meter society. It is as yet an enormous question mark concerning whether these measures are sufficient, and followed by all. All things considered, the coronavirus is probably going to be there for some time, and knowing this, getting out is vital for parents’ and kids’ emotional wellbeing and prosperity. The key is that you get creative and make the most of the situation. With a little ingenuity and initiative, you can have a fun-filled summer and still respect social distancing and travel guidelines. 


Note: In your bag you should keep a hand sanitizer with more than 60% alcohol content, disinfectant wipes, tissues, and a face mask. These items can help you maintain a certain level of hygiene and prevent contact with corona-causing respiratory droplets. Wiping down your surroundings time to time and minimizing human contact may help you to protect yourself from the disease as well.

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