Turning international talent into local strength.

For companies, Expat Spouses Initiative (ESI) is the gateway to finding the right person for the right job by tapping into a talent pool of over 9,000 highly-skilled international workers.

For the expat spouses in Eindhoven, ESI is the door to opportunities and to realizing their potential in an international career. It is the plugin to the network and the means of enriching their lives as global citizens.

For the local community, ESI is a driver of change; a channel for communication and collaboration between the international and local residents of the Eindhoven region.

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Success Stories

Luciana Opran

Chief Marketing Officer, Expat Spouses Initiative I was born and raised in Romania, partly in Bucharest and partly in Transylvania. I have a double citizenship Italian and Romanian, and I am ‘heart and soul’ a citizen of the world. At 19 years old, I worked for a summer in a US Camp, and then travelled

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Maria Hatzigeorgiadou

I came in the Netherlands 3 years ago following my Dutch boyfriend to his home country, leaving behind an active blog, a family and some opportunities that were about to open. I am a Brand and Visual Designer and until then I was working at the family business as a communication officer and also in

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Laurent Khuat Duy

Senior Development Engineer at ASML I had already been in the Netherlands for 7 years when I heard about ESI. I approached them a couple of months ago, as I was looking for new career opportunities. I had no clear idea of what to expect, so I thought “Let’s just give it a try”. At

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This is the most exciting thing happening in EHV in 2015. When Kavitha and Anne told me that there are 9,000 highly skilled internationals in the region who aren’t being utilized, I said, ‘that’s insane! Let’s plug them in to the network.’ Which is what we did. I am truly proud of them today.

At EY we are committed to building a better working world, and I believe that one of the ways we can do that in the Eindhoven region is by supporting Expat Spouses Initiative. It’s an opportunity that more companies should be taking advantage of as either being a company hiring expats (…..)

I’ve been very impressed by the skill, drive and determination of the expat-spouses initiative. They have teamed up with several high-tech accelerator programmes in South-Eastern Netherlands to provide extremely useful start-up scouting and screening services. …

Many “internationals” bring their partners, who turn out to be extremely well qualified. Yet, it is never easy for a partner to find employment in a foreign country and, until recently, Holland was no exception. So we all applauded the emergence of the Expats Spouses Initiative …..