Including You is the start of a movement that champions building a more inclusive professional ecosystem for migrating international talent, including accompanying spouses and partners who live in the Brainport region.

The Vision

We aim to build bridges and connect talent from all educational backgrounds and sectors through Including You to create diverse, future-proof, and innovative teams.

It begins with the Face of Change Network – We invite professionals interested in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) to join the think tank and become their company’s ambassador. Together we will harness the power of collective knowledge and know-how to thoroughly analyse how to activate dual-career support in the Brabant region at a company level.

The next step for forward-thinkers is the Including Someone Campaign. Here you directly partner with the Expat Spouses Initiative to collaboratively create solutions to engage and support the international community through set or individualized programs, such as opening a spot for an accompanying partner or spouses in the Talent100 program.

Including YOU means Including DIVERSITY, TALENT, and CHANGE

Advance your organisation’s DEI initiatives with INCLUDING YOU – Request for Information Session











1. Human Resources

Harness the collective energy and knowledge of regional organisations toward a common goal with tangible and actionable outputs. Take part in the latest global trends that will help your organisation become more relatable and resilient in the future.

2. Recruitment

Broadcast your commitment to human-centric recruitment strategies that will give you a competitive edge. Tackle the talent shortage head-on with access to an underserved talent segment.

3. Sustainable Development Goals

Strengthen your corporate social responsibility position with organisation aligned with several SDGs.




Foster Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


  • To network, discuss and share learnings
  • Bounce ideas with DEI Think Tank
  • Face-to-face breakfast event with C-Suite and HR decision-makers
  • Exclusive access to Top International Talent available in the region


Open a spot in the Talent100 program for a partner of your employee or any local international talent to connect them with the Dutch labour market.


Become a partner to drive change with early adopters from within your company and outside


Including You directly aligns with the “Global Talent Trends 2022: Rise of the relatable organization” report by Mercer. It outlines how the last two years have “permanently impacted people’s views about work, workers, and working” and presents a blueprint for thriving organisations

If you’re interested in joining INCLUDING YOU, please fill in your contact information below to receive further information. We’ll get back to you shortly!


INCLUDING YOU Supported by the Inclusion Lab of the Living In program of Holland Expat Center South