Women for Women is a simple idea. Influential local women, open-up their network and mentor international women professionals in a 3-month  program designed to get them closer to the labor market. It is unique because it is a far-reaching effort to close the gap faced by women who accompany knowledge migrants and are unable to kickstart their career in the Netherlands. The program is a resounding success with more than 86% of talent in past editions now working.

The program introduces highly skilled international Talents to  locally connected Ambassadors. Over a period of 3 months, the Talents have systematically tackled each step of the job search process, together with their Ambassador. Stronger Together

Objective of  Women for Women program

The Women for Women (wfw) is a pioneering movement in inclusion, dual career, and retention of International talent in the region – The program is unique and takes a different approach among family support programs. With a clear goal to mobilize the workforce of highly qualified international spouses and implement the dual-career system in the Brainport region. It creates opportunities for accompanying partners and spouses in the local labor market. What’s more, it creates opportunities with vision and purpose, defining retention of international talent as the inclusion of international families. 

The program prepares the local people & decision makers of rapidly internationalizing Brainport region, to build up the inclusive future of the region. Through this program, we work to achieve  Talent Attraction, Retention of the first hire, Diversity of talent, Dual-Career friendly workplaces, closing the gender gap & Inclusion and Integration of internationals in the Dutch Ecosystem. 


Women for Women Program Initiated By


With the Living In Program, we are creating a more international living climate for the Eindhoven Brainport region. Imagine a more accessible cultural field or more opportunities for talented spouses of international knowledge workers. By investing in this living climate, we improve our ability to attract and retain international talent. In doing so, we contribute substantially to the further development of our region.


Expat Spouses Initiative (ESI) is a bottom-up community-driven movement that focuses on helping the international spouses of working residents in the Netherlands to integrate professionally. As a team of International spouses, we understand the struggles of the international spouse personally, and we are working to create solutions that have true impact.