Women for Women program believes in the power of Networking, Collaboration and Innovative solutions to improve Diversity & Inclusion. The program is going from strength to strength as it enters its third edition.  We are on a mission to create an inclusive ecosystem in which all individuals (Internationals & Locals) can achieve their potential.

Women for Women — three words that represent a simple but powerful idea to connect the power of women with a strong network to the power of women who are looking for a professional network. This project is about creating value, engagement, working together and professional growth. We aim to create a more inclusive region, where every possible talent feels at home, and every effort made in contributing to this project is greatly appreciated.

In practice the program introduces sixteen highly skilled international Talents to sixteen locally connected Ambassadors, serving as a springboard for jumpstarting both careers that are just blooming and being restarted alike. This project aims to disrupt thinking and facilitate Talents to reflect deeper on their ambitions, direction and even themselves and their surroundings. During the program, the daunting task of finding a job in a new country is broken down into manageable steps. This way Talents are enabled to take ownership over each aspect of the job hunt, empowering them to tell their stories and present themselves to future employers. Over the last three months, the Talents have systematically tackled each step of the job search process, building momentum starting with pitching themselves and their visions and moving on to more conceptual topics like networking and posing thought-provoking career questions to contacts in their respective networks.

The Women for Women program is an endeavour initiated between Expat Spouses Initiative, ESI (an organization devoted to jumpstarting the careers of expat spouses) LivingIn Program (the municipality’s expat program which supports improvement of the living conditions of internationals) and Eindhoven Gemeente.

We are delighted to introduce the Talents and Ambassadors for this edition, and together we will make a meaningful difference.