How to use Google for Your Job Search


Google is the dominant search engine in use today; the amount of content and powerful technology makes Google an essential tool for you to use in your job search.

In this Ask The Expert Session we will discuss how Google Search can help job-seekers find new job opportunities. 

Google is the dominant search engine in use today; the amount of content and powerful technology makes Google an essential tool for you to use in your job search. Job search on Google  uses advanced Google tools to help job seekers find positions closely matching their preferences. Consistently, Google adds more new tools and services and increases the information in their index for all of us to access.

During the Expert session, You will discover:

  • Career opportunities using Job Search on Google
  • Using Google Sheets to track the progress of job applications
  • How to enhance your chances in your job search

Obviously, there will also be time to discuss your questions/concerns on the Job search process with the Expert

About the Expert

Anne-Pauline Wessels, Corporate Recruiter, Heliox.

She has a remarkable career spanning over two decades in talent acquisition, talent recruitment & process improvement. At works and in life, her core value is inclusion, and seeks to help others at every opportunity she finds.



How to Build a Community around your Brand


This Expert session offers a smart action plan to build a community around your brand and how you can adapt to today’s fast-paced markets. Advertising your product/project isn’t always enough nowadays. Building community around your brand is an essential part of its success

Brands who build Community Win, and stay in demand – People are craving community now more than ever. For businesses, this means that the community is critical to success. However, forming a community requires much more than merely gathering people together in the same place or accumulating a certain number of users on an app or site.

During the session, you will discover:

  • The Benefits of Building Community Around Your Brand
  • Steps to Build Community Around your Brand
  • How do you Empower your Community and your Brand
For whom:
  • Small Business Owners, who want to increase their product visibility and interact with the target audience.
  • Startup founders, who are looking for a network for reviews and rebuttals, or want to stay close to customers, build a network of engaged evangelists.
  • Marketers, who want to enhance brand personality, visibility, create customer loyalty, generate traffic, and create a movement.

The significance of community building is at all-time high, so do not miss the opportunity.

About the Expert leading the session

Lara Wilkens is an international entrepreneur and coach with a strong drive for community building, marketing and events, and boosting connections. She is the founder of Business Breakfasts in The Netherlands; a community-driven business development platform for entrepreneurs with presentations, workshops, and unique content provided by experts.



Exploring the Dutch Culture In Business & Beyond – Expert Session


This Expert Session is for everyone who wants to know more about Dutch Culture and strengthen your cultural awareness.

Once you have successfully moved to the Netherlands, the next step is to adapt to Dutch culture and understand cultural nuances, to ease your personal and professional integration.

You’re not afraid to give your opinion, nor offended when small children tell you off, and you like to keep work and private life entirely separate. Is it already stereotyping or generalizing, every culture has different ways of doing things. And some idiosyncrasies deserve embracing for the smooth transition into Dutch culture & business.

  • Strengthen your insights in your own cultural values.
  • Compare these values with ‘the’ Dutch ones.
  • Learn about some specific Dutch Do’s and Don’ts.
  • What is essential for a successful professional & personal cultural integration in this country?
  • Ask your questions about the Dutch culture.

If you want to find answers to all these questions and more, please join us for this interactive workshop.

About the Expert

Willem Van Hoorn, leads as Policy Advisor Internationalization, at Eindhoven University of Technology. He initiates all kinds of activities focusing on the embedding of the international TU/e staff members(more than 1100), making them feel at home, both at the university and in the city.



Labour law during Covid-19 situation – Expert Session


This Expert Session is for Jobseekers, Entrepreneurs, Professionals, and Anyone who wants to know about Labour Laws specifically during COVID-19 situation.

The COVID-19 virus has inevitably affected labour law for both sides of the table, employer, and employee.

As an Expat in the Netherlands, the Dutch labour situation can be challenging because of the cultural differences, and you might have a variety of questions and uncertainties. During the current Covid-19 crisis, a good understanding of your rights and obligations is vital.

  • What can an employer expect from me?
  • Labour laws during COVID-19 for freelancers
  • Can an employer have a unilateral demand to take my holidays?
  • Can employers apply for the statutory reduction of working hours?
  • Am I obligated to agree with a temporary reduction in my salary?
  • Can an employer forbid his employees to travel abroad privately (to risk areas)?

During the session, all the above and more questions will be answered along with other beneficial details.

About the Expert

Mike KRAK, legal consultant & Founder of Recht-oprecht, a legal consultancy. Mike, specializes in labour law and contract law and has been a legal brainstorming partner for the expats in the region.

About – Recht-oprecht, a legal consultancy firm, is experienced in labour law and contract law. Recht-oprecht, is a trusted partner of Holland Expat Center.



How to use LinkedIn in your job search


Leveraging LinkedIn – Navigating job search and Attracting Recruiters. 

Did you know? 9 out of 10 employers use LinkedIn during the hiring process. LinkedIn is a perfect platform to catch the attention of recruiters.

This workshop offers great insights on  how to use LinkedIn in your job search.

LinkedIn is a powerful tool to help you get noticed as a potential employee. Creating a LinkedIn profile is only the first step and just a small part of the overall picture. If you build and forget about it, the chances are less for a productive outcome. The key to success is attractively presenting yourself to highlight your relevant skills, experience, education, and positive attributes. Then, by actively engaging on the site, you will get noticed by people who can help you with your career.

During the workshop, You will learn:

  • How to build a strong professional-looking LinkedIn profile
  • How to attract the attention of recruiters or your network
  • How to enhance your chances in your job search

Obviously, there will also be time to discuss your questions/concerns on LinkedIn profile.

About the Expert

Anne-Pauline Wessels, Corporate Recruiter, Heliox.

In a remarkable career spanning over two decades, in the field of talent acquisition, talent recruitment & process improvement, Anne-Pauline,  has led various companies through talent recruitment, process transformation, and Customer Experience management.


How to be Confident and Successful in Negotiations


Successful Negotiation – it’s often easier said than done. Here is how to build a confident approach and be the best advocate for yourself next time when you’re in the middle of critical discussion. Strengthen your personal power of influence.

This workshop offers an unusual angle about how to succeed in challenging negotiations. There are three very little known ‘traps’ that most people face in especially critical exchanges, like job interviews or career discussions. Discover what these traps are; and learn the THREE secrets that will revolutionize the way you go about discussing career, business, or anything that interests you, becoming a stronger influencer within your own unique, powerful style.

During the workshop, You will:

  • Discover practical skills to strengthen your power of influence by THREE fundamental steps for a successful discussion
  • Recognize different phases of negotiation or challenging discussion
  • Learn how to apply and confidently manage your career, business, and personal discussions
  • Find out how to improve your positive influencing skills for better results in job interviews or career discussions

Workshop will benefit, if You are:

  • JOBSEEKER, who wish to work on their power of influence and negotiation skills for better results during the job interview or career discussions
  • BUSINESS, sales, pitches, and negotiation go side-by-side. Join us if you want to enhance your negotiation skills, and learn how to strengthen your power of influence as an entrepreneur
  • PROFESSIONAL, who want to excel in challenging discussions as a champion
  • Anyone and Everyone who wants to skill up their persuasion and negotiations skills is welcome

About the Expert

LAURA LOZZA is an accomplished international business executive, strategist, serial expatriate, entrepreneur, and leadership consultant. After pioneering expat assignments for women in the 80’s and successfully climbing the hierarchical ladder at P&G and Norsk Hydro for 25 years as a senior executive, she founded her own consulting firm, Grooa, in 2011. Since then, she has personally coached over 500 European leaders, helping them succeed in their careers.

About Grooa is a European Management Consulting Partnership headquartered in Norway with a Learning Hub in the Netherlands (the Grooa Inspiria Learning Center).


How to get a YES in a Virtual Interview

With the number of companies adopting to stay safe and work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, Video Job Interview is taking over in-person interviews. Here’s How to Prepare for your upcoming virtual interview.

This Workshop helps you on how to navigate the virtual interview process and improve your job opportunity during this period of uncertainty. With an abrupt shift to remote work-life, the recruitment and hiring managers have switched to video & telephonic interviews for health and safety reasons. Prepare yourself for this new industry trend with the experts.

Do you have a video interview coming up? This is a very crucial moment in your life. The more important the interview, the more stressful it might be. Video interviews require just as much preparation as face-to-face or telephone interviews.

You can be in total control if you know the DO and DON’T of a (virtual) interview. If you know how the interviewer makes his/her decision, you know how you should present yourself during the (virtual) interview in a way that maximizes your chances and keeps you interesting above all other candidates. Are you looking to brush up on your (virtual) interview skills? Receive expert advice on How to get a YES in a Virtual Interview. Video interviews are an opportunity, not a challenge to make a great impression.