How we work, travel, conduct our day-to-day lives – basically everything has changed. It is predictable that this summer will be different as well. But making the most of it still depends on us. Planning short holidays at places nearby can be a good start and exactly at this point, we are lucky that Brabant has lots of things to offer us! We wanted to share some big and small cities of Brabant that you can visit and enjoy this summer without any hassle!



You may already visit Den Bosch but being on a holiday in Den Bosch, the capital of the Brabant, will make you feel different. With historic houses, small bridges and waterways the city is a never-never land blended by history and nature. Sailing along the Binnendieze waterway is one of the must do’s in summer. The river takes you through usually inaccessible areas and even underneath the old medieval parts of the city. At the middle of the historical city center there are two museums, the Design Museum Den Bosch and the Noordbrabants Museum which is the only location in Brabant housing original pieces by Master Painter Van Gogh.

If you are the type of a culinary traveller, we bet you will enjoy the treats of great places in The Korte Putstraat while blissfully sitting in extensive outdoor areas of eateries.  Near Den Bosch there are also two different spots for nature lovers such as the Nationaal Park De Biesbosch, one of the biggest national parks in the Netherlands and  the Loon and Drunen Dunes, the Sahara of Brabant with a great biodiversity and landscapes.



Oisterwijk in other words ‘The Gem in the Green’ may not be in the limelight among other Brabant cities but with its unique nature and cosy streets it is a city worth discovering.

Oisterwijkse Bossen & Vennen en Kampina offers a great amount of long and short walking routes varying from 4,5 km to 17 km. Cycling and horse riding routes in the forest extend along more than 80 fens. While you are walking do not miss to look for woodpeckers and deers. You can also visit The Kerkhovense Molen, the historical mill which is a beautiful monument where grain is still milled weekly.

 You can also buy fresh vegetables from the mill’s own garden alongside flour and some local products. While you are visiting the city you can stop by European Ceramic Work Center (EKWC), world’s most famous knowledge and development center for ceramics. The city is also known with the largest terrace in the Netherlands with 6000 terrace chairs in total. When you finish enjoying the city or tire yourself with activities in nature, you can relax in a great selection of restaurants, cafes and bars which offer a different kind of terrace that suits all kinds of expectations.



Breda lies near the Belgian frontier in western Noord-Brabant, and it is well known with its monuments dating from the Nassau era. One of the top things to do here is to visit the Old Town, surrounded by a ring of canals, home to the majestic Grote Kerk and the 18th-century Town Hall (Stadhuis). If you want to explore all these beautiful buildings and the great history of Breda, The Historical Kilometer” is a convenient walking tour for you.  Be sure to bring your camera along. 

While you are batting around the city, do not miss to pass by a famous Blind Walls Gallery,  a growing collection of murals inspired by the past, present and future of Breda. If you are interested to see the museums of the Netherlands, you are in a perfect spot. While Stedelijk Museum presenting the most important exhibits of film and photography, as well as design, architecture, fashion, science, and even gaming to visitors, you can find a number of satellite collections in the Begijnhof Museum and, a number of fascinating scale models of everyday scenes from the city in delightful dolls museum, Miniaturenmuseum Breda. After a long day in the city, Valkenberg park will be your recreation spot. You can also visit the Mastbos, more than 1,250 acres wooded park, which was a popular hunting ground for aristocracy once upon a time. 



As the oldest City Palace in the Netherlands, the Markiezenhof was the residence of the lords and later the marquis of Bergen op Zoom yet today it hosts exhibitions, events, and a museum on the history of the city. The center and the oldest part of the city is called The Grote Markt which is surrounded by historical buildings like the Town Hall and Hotel de Draak. This city dates back to the middle ages and The Gevangenpoort (prison gate), the oldest monument of the city, is living proof of that. Bergen op zoom has great offerings for every kind of person. While Fortuinstraat, Kremerstraat and Kortemeestraat are filled with shops run primarily by locals, nature is calling you with all its uniqueness.

The shore of Breda is a hilly area separating the clay area of Zeeland and sandy areas of Brabant. The Kraaijenberg hill, and Mattemburgh estate are hosted by this area with a great diverse natural presence. You can savour a beautiful English and French garden, pond, English Tea House, coach houses and Orangery in the estate.


There is a lot more to discover in Brabant than you think and it is a great time to take some actions on it to shake off all corona-induced changes and fatigue. This summer will be different but why not make it even more different with all these new discoveries and experiences blended by cosy places, unique nature spots and a great history.

Note: In your bag you should keep a hand sanitizer with more than 60% alcohol content, disinfectant wipes, tissues, and a face mask. These items can help you maintain a certain level of hygiene and prevent contact with corona-causing respiratory droplets. Wiping down your surroundings time to time and minimizing human contact may help you to protect yourself from the disease as well.

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