Maximizing the Power of Communication with

our Business English Course

Do you work or aspire to work in an international friendly workplace? Do you feel that sometimes communication is lost in translation?

English is essential if you want to get ahead in today’s fast-paced global economy. And because we know that using English at work is different from general, conversational English, these courses have been specifically designed with your working life in mind. We will arm you with the skills you require to communicate effectively and confidently in the world’s business language.

So whether you are looking to secure that ideal job, be more productive at work or simply increase your chances of promotion, our expert teacher and targeted approach to teaching business English will help you on your way.

Business English Course

Business English courses offer a mix of Business and General English as well as conversation practice. In group training, we focus on all areas of communication and language skills for business, professional, or social purposes: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Our courses focus on the situations that are related to your everyday working life. These include writing reports, calling customers and holding meetings with colleagues.



Focus on grammar and vocabulary in business contexts


Practice of language skills for meetings, presentations and writing emails


Understudying of intercultural Communication


Context-based learning, based on real world scenarios and situations


Courses delivered by experienced and native speaking teacher


Registration for Business English Courses

A: Accelerators into Business English (level A1.2 – A2.1)

B: Beyond Basics in Business English (level A2.2 – B1.1)

C: Competency in Business English (level B1.2 – B2.1)

In order to place you in the correct batch, we offer free Intake test before registration. Whatever your language or experience level, our objective is always the same: to give you the skills and confidence to use English immediately and effectively in a wide variety of contexts.


5th – 28th November

Thursday & Tuesday mornings, 9:30 am – 11:30 am

Building 27, High Tech Campus

219 euros