Build your professional profile with the experts

Are you scrolling through online job after online job and feeling like you’re not getting anywhere with your job search?

Finding a job is often a job in itself, that’s where can Career toolkit help!  Our Career toolkit contains resources and information that can help you with job search coaching, resume and LinkedIn Profile building and interview skills that will assist you while applying in the Dutch labor market.

Career Toolkit is a customized career kickstarting tool

Whether you recently moved to The Netherlands, and seeking a career, or a new career direction or looking to reenter the workforce after taking time off, but You are not sure if your resume, Linkedin profile, and cover letter are as per the Dutch labor market trend. 

During the Career Toolkit, we work with you on your job application, which includes your cover letter, resume, your LinkedIn Profile, and interview/networking skills, and prepare you to achieve your career goals.

How Career Toolkit enables you

Career toolkit contains everything you need to prepare for starting your job search journey in the Netherlands. We’ve organized all best career-related resources that will enable your professional profile both online and offline.

Optimize your linkedIn profile + Professional Branding

Are you not getting noticed by recruiters? 100% of Recruiters Search Linkedin for Talent. Write your professional profile with our industry experts with the right keyword strategy and techniques.

Resume Makeover

As your network and online professional profile are getting notices, it is time to get ready to send your resume to interested contacts. Career toolkit will help you in crafting a streamlined and clear, industry-specific resume. Customized solution for Career change resumes, or Reentry/Return-to-work resumes.

Cover letter Ready

It’s all about who you know, and the only person that will be able to sell you in your search is YOU!  Career toolkit will help you craft a compelling story with a targeted approach towards that will make you stand out from others.

Interview Skills

Career Toolkit will work with you where together we will prepare and practice so that you can perform more effectively at interviews. We will help you create your career story and examples you will share with the interviewer(s) to build credibility and a connection, engaging with you in a more meaningful way.

The program consists of 4 thematic workshops (3 hours each) along with one to one sessions with the trainer for 1 hour.