Are self-improvement and career development on your list too?

The program gives you the clarity and the courage to make the best career decisions possible and move forwards with confidence.

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Is your career going as you planned? How about the other parts of your life? If you feel stuck or feel you’ve somehow been drifting along a career path by accident rather than design and it’s making you unhappy, it’s not too late to do something about it.

This is where career coaching can be hugely beneficial. We are delighted to share that at present 73% of our Career Discovery Participants are professionally engaged. ​This program will help you rediscover and how to connect your personal values with your goals, getting your professional and personal life back on track. Together through this program we will help you ‘Get​ there’!

About Career Discovery Program

Career discovery program is a powerful approach that will assist you to write your comeback story in the shortest possible time!

“Career Discovery Program” is designed by Expat Spouses initiative in collaboration with Project LivingIn of Eindhoven City Government. It is created to support a large community of expat spouses who want to redefine or re-start a career.

Are you an accompanying spouse who relocated to support your partner’s career? With this program, we will support you in defining your goal, creating your own individual career path, enhancing your confidence, providing you with all the needed tools, guidance, and resources, thus empowering you to achieve both personal and professional goals.

Take control of your career – Let’s write your successful comeback story!