PivotProgram Selects, Matches, Onboards, Reskills, and Supports the Talent – a Complete Fit for Future Recruitment Program

The PivotProgram is a gamechanger, first-of-its-kind Recruiting Collaboration for building more Diverse, Inclusive, Equitable and Future proof Workforces. With PivotProgram, we are revolutionizing the traditional recruitment approach. We focus on personality with the  potential to pivot and the talent to learn new skills. We have selected the best Local International Talent to create the most vibrant available talent pool in the region. Don’t waste more time searching for Talent & Opportunity – they are here.

When it comes to finding the right talent, you may be asking yourself, “Which is more important, experience or potential?” To help you make the decision, here are some of the reasons for hiring someone with different experience, and plenty of potential.

The opportunity to screen from a wider talent pool and hire people who are better fit for your company


Hard Skills Can Be Taught, but Attitude Can’t be trained


Hire for Potential, Not Just For Experience – it Makes you Future Proof


Why PivotProgram

PivotProgram is making the difference by more reliable and efficient Talent selection and Talent management program.


Talent selection and Recruitment

Making sure that we find the right talent with values that fit your company’s professional values – no bias, with maximal room for diversity and inclusion. The talent completes a trajectory of assessment, which gives us an overview of all our talents and their fit with any possible opportunities. The whole program is fast, transparent, and can easily be integrated with your hiring process.


We provide holistic support to the talent and the company during the initial settling-in phase of the new employee – with our on-the-job coaching and onboarding support. Even the most dynamic organizations have a hard time onboarding the new employees, talents are unique, and a customized settling-in support program helps them to feel belonged and engaged in their new role, and vice versa, it enables the company to create a nurturing environment for their employees, resulting in a better attraction and retention rate.

Reskilling and Talent Development

Reskilling and focus training has become increasingly important. When finding the right talent, ensuring a good value fit is essential for both the company and the talent. We invest in continuous Reskilling and Talent development, where each talent goes through extensive Value, Passion, and Personality tests, helping us identify the right fit for your team.

PivotProgram is Powered by YINNER & Expat Spouses Initiative

  • Our Talent is Our Strength
  • Diversity & Inclusion at Our Core
  • Dedicated Talent Development Approach
  • We Have a Right Value & Culture fit