Feeling like going away with family for a few days? Enter the World of Wonders! In Efteling, one of the oldest amusement parks, you will feel like a child again. Meet face to face with wild animals on a real safari or rent a treehouse and splash around in an aquapark. Brabant has a lot to offer!

Welcome to the World of Wonders

“Enter a world in which fairytales are brought to life. Swoop past dragons and ghosts, and float through a wood filled with elves and trolls”. Efteling is a must-see attraction in the Netherlands! It is not only for couples with kids; in Efteling everyone can feel like a child again!

It is the largest theme park in the country, and It won an award for “Best day out in the Netherlands in 2019”. It’s also one of the oldest amusement parks in the world and older than Disneyland. The attractions reflect elements from ancient myths and legends, fairy tales, and fables. You can choose from endless attractions: 6 roller coasters, 4 water rides, Fairytale Forest or Villa Volta, and many more.  

When you feel hungry, you can eat in one of the numerous restaurants. In the park, you’ll find everything from fast food takeaways to pancakes or Turkish pizza.


It’s handy to download the Efteling app to see the current waiting times for all the rides. You can enjoy Efteling for more than just one day and stay in one of the hotel rooms or holiday homes. There you can splash with children in up to three indoor swimming pools. Want more tips about Efteling from locals?  Have a look at the Visit Brabant Guide

However, to take advantage of all these attractions you have to dig deep into your pocket. For a family of 4 (all kids above 4 years) you need to pay around 200 Euros. Also parking is paid (12.50 Euros for the whole day).  Nearly all attractions have wheelchair access.

Go on Safari in the Netherlands

Experience exciting moments as the cheetahs, lions, and giraffes stealthily move alongside your car, count how many stripes the zebras have, meet lemurs enjoying the sun, grazing rhinos and swinging monkeys at Safaripark Beekse Bergen. It is the largest wildlife zoo in the Benelux region.

Set your own pace and admire the expansive savannas and beautiful forested areas. Go by car, bus or choose a relaxing boat trip and enjoy the wildlife from the water. You can also visit the safari by walking. Afterward, after a long day have a bite to eat at a restaurant and stay the night in a wooded environment within walking distance of all the animals in the safari park.

For safety reasons, Safaripark Beekse Bergen uses a maximum number of visitors per day. To monitor this maximum and guarantee your visit, it is – except for guests of the holiday parks – necessary to reserve online access to the park in advance.

Holiday Parks

Dutchies love camping and cottages. Why not spend a few days in a houseboat or treehouse? Holiday parks offer tons of attractions! It is a perfect combination of adventure and relaxation for people of all ages – pony riding, paintball, diver courses, aqua parks, and many more! You can enjoy the sunshine and have lots of fun in the water with your children. After a whole day of great fun, it’s time to eat a lekker dinner on the terrace or in the green garden. Gezellig!

You can find a few holiday parks in Brabant. Just type in the search engine “holiday parks in Noord-Brabant.”

Regardless of establishments doing there best to keep things clean and adapting to 1.5 meter society. It is as yet an enormous question mark concerning whether these measures are sufficient, and followed by all. All things considered, the coronavirus is probably going to be there for some time, and knowing this, getting out is vital for parents’ and kids’ emotional wellbeing and prosperity. The key is that you get creative and make the most of the situation. With a little ingenuity and initiative, you can have a fun-filled summer and still respect social distancing and travel guidelines. 


Note: In your bag you should keep a hand sanitizer with more than 60% alcohol content, disinfectant wipes, tissues, and a face mask. These items can help you maintain a certain level of hygiene and prevent contact with corona-causing respiratory droplets. Wiping down your surroundings time to time and minimizing human contact may help you to protect yourself from the disease as well.

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