We Are Not Alone

When the Corona pandemic impacted the region earlier this year, many programs and events came to a sudden halt. During this time, the international community, in particular, was struggling to process important Covid-19 information, which impacted their living status and job security in the Netherlands. There was a concern building between the information being released and the translated versions made available to the non-Dutch speaking population.

In amidst the panic, the Holland Expat Center began working with organizations in the Brabant region in an effort towards making the information readily available. HEC wanted to create a digital resource space where non-Dutch speaking communities could go for timely information, which eventually led to the formation and launch of the Corona Portal. The Corona Portal provided the community with a library of resources, translated content, and useful links sourced from official government and verified websites. 

At a time where Covid-19 measures were causing isolation and uncertainty, a sense of community and support was becoming more necessary and more important to combat loneliness and separation in the region. Expat Spouses Initiative, one of the Corona Portal partners, also showed support by facilitating conversations and creating initiatives that would help strengthen the community spirit between the internationals and the local Dutch population. Expat Spouses Initiative and  Holland Expat Center worked together to develop this idea further and launched a campaign called – We Are Not Alone

We Are Not Alone, shone a spotlight on the extraordinary individuals from the international community and provided inspirational stories of their journey so far. We Are Not Alone, also provided an expert talk series that featured useful insights and conversations into Dutch society with leading (Dutch) experts from different fields. The campaign also highlighted key company collaborations and exciting opportunities made available for internationals in the same area.

As the year draws to end, we finally edge towards 2021 with the prospect of a Covid-19 vaccine rollout and an improved sense of community from all the initiatives that have taken place to bring people together. The We Are Not Alone campaign, launched earlier this year, also takes on another phase; it merges into a new platform and becomes the: We Are Not Alone newsletter. The newsletter extends itself from the original concept of the Corona Portal but remains true to its mission of serving the international community. 

The newsletter has many goals; to help the international communities become more visible and to improve the visibility of the opportunities and information that are available to them.

The newsletter has many goals; to help the international communities become more visible and improve the visibility of the opportunities and information available to them. The newsletter provides an opportunity for everyone to be part of an ecosystem of companies and community organizations collaborating and demonstrating their support for each other and the internationals living in the region.

We Are Not Alone – it is for everyone to support. Please show us your support by subscribing to our newsletter and becoming part of a more significant community.

We Are Not Alone Campaign, is presented in collaboration with Expat Spouses Initiative – Eindhoven, LIVING IN , Holland Expat Center & Brainport Eindhoven. Through this campaign, we aim to bring the International community together and engage them actively.


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