If you’ve been looking for a job for a while, you might know what we mean when we say that your confidence may not be quite where it was when you started your search. While we all know that rejections are inevitable – no one can land every job they apply to – it’s hard to shake off that knock when it does happen.

For that reason, we’ve put together some of our top tips for boosting your confidence during your job search, whether you’re sending your CV off to a recruiter or preparing for an interview.


1. Silence your inner critic

Your inner critic can be your worst enemy when it comes to job hunting. It’s the voice that tells you that because you don’t have every single requirement on a job listing that you shouldn’t apply. It’s the voice that tells you that you’re wasting your time going to an interview because you won’t get the job anyway.

In order to give yourself a confidence boost, you need to try and ignore that voice and start creating a more positive self-image. While it may feel uncomfortable to begin with, you need to embrace your skills and talents and, for want of a better phrase, brag about yourself when you’re applying for a job.

2. Make notes while applying

Noting down your skills, the projects you’ve completed, your achievements and the software and systems you can use can help you feel confident in exactly what you can offer when it comes to applying for a job. You will then be able to compare your list to the requirements on job listings to see how good a fit you could be.

Additionally, make sure you research the company and the job that you’re applying for. This will not only make sure that you’re applying to somewhere you wish to work but can also give you a much-needed confidence boost when you go into your interview – especially if you take your notebook in with you to reference.

Knowing about the company you’re applying to, and your own skills, will make a positive impression on your interviewer and allow you to confidently answer any questions they may ask.

3. Break a bad habit

If you have the tendency to focus on past mistakes, ignore your talents or be self-critical, you could find yourself experiencing a lack of self-confidence while applying for jobs and once you’ve started a new job.

If you’re taking the next step on your career journey, now might be a good time to kick that bad habit. We’re all capable of quitting bad habits, regardless of how long you’ve had them or how bad they are. You just need to be truly honest with yourself and realise how the habit is affecting your life – once you realise that, you can fully understand why it would be better to leave it behind you.

Your bad habit could be anything, from something small like pressing the snooze button too often in the morning, to something a little bigger like not being able to accept praise or move past mistakes. Kick your bad habit and embrace the confidence that comes from that achievement.

4. Create a support network

Many people have the mentality that they have to go through life working on things by themselves. However, this can be quite a lonely and stressful way to progress, so we would suggest instead that you make sure you have a good network of friends and/or family around you who can support you in and make sure you’re not carrying too many burdens or stresses that could impact your confidence.

If you don’t want to involve your friends or family in your career search, why not turn to social media instead? Build your professional brand and profiles online – on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, or another platform – and start reaching out to connect with like-minded professionals who can help support your career development through their own similar experience.

5. Don’t give up 

It is almost guaranteed that you will feel dejected when you receive a rejection during your job search, or don’t hear back after an application, but it’s important not to dwell on these occasions and to persist in your job search. If you keep calm and continue your search, you’ll most likely feel a boost of self-confidence.

There are countless employers out there and there will be plenty that would be very happy to have you on their team. If a small number of companies tell you no, that’s not a problem – your opportunity is most likely right around the corner. Things happen for a reason and the best thing to do when something knocks you down is to get back up, smile, and continue with your task.

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