We Change, we Adapt, we Accept. The alterations that the Covid-19 outbreak brings to us looks permanent. This is why we settle with the facts following the crisis. However, now it is time to discover ways to handle those facts in a better way. As summer ended, it is time to go back to work now. Working from home is a great opportunity for many reasons, and for many people. However, while some of us handle the new working conditions successfully, the others feel the stress to the bone. So, how can we cope with that?

We need to redefine work-life balance and create a great flow to avoid feeling incredibly overwhelmed or unaccomplished. Here are some of my suggestions to implicate in your daily life in a remote set up.

  1. Set your working hours and create a spot to work

The first thing to start with can be creating a ritual with a crafted working spot and exact time slots for yourself. Choosing a room or a spot you like at your home or creating a corner from scratch can be your solution. Let’s call these kinds of people a type-A person whose body feels “work-time” only in a particular place. For some of us, this is not the solution at all. If you are a type B person, several different corners in the house can be needed to avoid getting bored from what you are doing. It is also easy to lose track of time at home; therefore, having particular slots to work during the day is necessary. In this way, you will know when you need to finish, and the others will know it as well.

2. Be ready for the new day

After you wake up, you need to freshen up yourself to make your body feel like a brand-new day. Do makeup or change your clothes as the new day deserves. Breakfast is often called ‘the most important meal of the day’, and for a good reason. Take your time to have breakfast, which will replenish your glucose supply to boost your energy levels and alertness. You will feel the difference.

3. Take a lunch and coffee breaks

Most of us have fewer breaks in comparison with old but gold office days. These days, some of us feel guilty inwardly when we have a break. First of all, do not do that. Biologically no one can focus on anything for 8 hours without having at least a couple of breaks. To keep working hours long will affect your productivity. Take your time to relax and make up your mind before passing on to your new task. For some of use, coming back from these breaks can be hard too. Don’t do something that will take your attention and willingness to work completely away during your breaks.

4. Socialize and enjoy your life

Show the same discipline for your life outside as well as in your work life! Call your family and friends or spend your time with your partner or roommates out. Going out for a walk or for training will help your mood. Let’s face it, that it is also a great time to spare some time for your hobbies or find a new one. Do all of them but at least one of them. Never give up the enjoy life!

5. Exercise to balance your body

Previously we were spending some time going to work by walking or cycling. Even visiting your colleagues on their desks, moving to meeting rooms, and having coffee at breakout areas positively affected our work efficiency and mental health. Now, our lives occur in just a few square meters. While we are at the same spot from morning till evening, we need some exercise for sure. Getting up and head outside, regardless of whether even if it is only for a few minutes. Whether you walk the dog or go for a quick run during your mid-day break, regardless of what activity you pick, you will feel energized and ready to tackle the rest of your schedule when you return to work.

6. Switch off your business when times come

One of the biggest problems of working from home is a hardness to know where work ends, and home starts in a remote set-up. When the planned working time ends, please turn off your computer, do a quick tidy up of your space, and ‘leave’ work. This will help your transition from work to home and make everything easier for you and your loved ones.

Keeping up a work-life balance is significant for your wellbeing, bliss, and your general prosperity. You can’t hope to carry on with a decent life in case you’re dismissing your personal life and invest the entirety of your energy focussed on work.

Finding a work-life balance can be a little bit experimenting. However, with enough time and effort, everyone can find their way to blossom in the new normal. Eventually, each habit will become natural, and you will start to see growth in many areas of your life.


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