When outside is getting warm and you feel like jumping in a bucket with ice, there is one good option – swimming in the water! You don’t have to go to the seaside to enjoy nice weather and to swim laps. Brabant has so much to offer!

One of our favorite place to swim and enjoy the sun is at IJzeren Man, which means “Iron Man.” Why such a name for a swimming pool? Do check out this interesting aspect of its history.

There are several “Iron Man’s” and the best ones you will find are in Weert and Vught. In Weert is a lake and a few swimming pools for younger and older people, also with little slides and a wave pool. In the second location, IJzeren Man is an attractive beach location for a drink, lunch, or dinner with a lovely terrace on the beach where you can also eat dinner. There is an “Iron Man” in Eindhoven too. It’s worth going there with little ones or with friends.

Witven Lake and Beach: Veldhoven

You will find a nice sandy beach at the lake, a beautiful green meadow (which is perfect for a picnic blanket!), a playground, and a lovely terrace for a cooling drink. It is an ideal place to spend your summer day with family and friends. And that is not all! If sunbathing on a blanket is not your thing, you have a chance to play golf or tennis. For kids, there is a playground and a small petting zoo. Hungry? Try a nice meal in a restaurant with an indoor and outdoor seating area. However, you can bring your food and drink on the beach.

Aquabest Beach Park: Best

Would you like to laze on a beautiful sandy beach or build a fairytale sandcastle with the children and then bathe or take a refreshing dip in clean water? It’s all possible at the beach park of Recreatiepark Aquabest. For those who like watersports, just next to the beach is Cable Park. There you can test yourself on a wakeboard and water ski. If you are with kids, for sure, the amusement park DippieDoe will attract your attention. It is the largest indoor and outdoor playground in the Netherlands!

Speelpark de Splinter: Eindhoven.

It is a big playground for kids with three shallow pools for toddlers and little bigger kids too. After splashing in the water it’s time for ice cream and picnic on the grass! There are many attractions for children in the park, such as a castle, slides for young and older children and a petting zoo. Kids can’t be bored there! Are you also heading towards Speelpark de splinter this afternoon?

SterrenStrand: Eersel

It is a water park located on a campground. And it is something which Dutchies love! It’s a beach with slides, a playground and a lake with great paddling boats and a pool with an area for little ones – you will have a blast for the whole day. The restaurant menu features seasonal products and homemade cakes. There is also an option to bring your food and have a picnic.

Unfortunately, due to the corona measures in 2020, the indoor swimming pool, SterrenStrand, the swimming pool, and the camping site will be closed for day visits. Only guests staying overnight at the TerSpegelt recreation park have access to all the amenities. Guests can camp in their caravan or tent or stay in special rental accommodation. The park is located near the wooded Brabantse Kempen. But if you can’t make it there, you can enjoy the virtual walk in the park from your home’s comfort. 

Many cities of Brabant offer swimming pools or natural waters.

Here you can see a list of them; please check their website for the latest information and guidelines.


Swimming pools, Water Ski, Beach club IJzeren Man Weert


Swimming pools and natural lakes in Breda


Ottenband Swimming pool in Eindhoven


Tongelreep Swimming Pool in Eindhoven


Swimming pools and natural lakes in Tilburg


Regardless of establishments doing there best to keep things clean and adapting to 1.5 meter society. It is as yet an enormous question mark concerning whether these measures are sufficient, and followed by all. All things considered, the coronavirus is probably going to be there for some time, and knowing this, getting out is vital for parents’ and kids’ emotional wellbeing and prosperity. The key is that you get creative and make the most of the situation. With a little ingenuity and initiative, you can have a fun-filled summer and still respect social distancing and travel guidelines. 


Note: In your bag you should keep a hand sanitizer with more than 60% alcohol content, disinfectant wipes, tissues, and a face mask. These items can help you maintain a certain level of hygiene and prevent contact with corona-causing respiratory droplets. Wiping down your surroundings time to time and minimizing human contact may help you to protect yourself from the disease as well.

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