Expat Spouses Initiative helps the partners of expats to make better use of their qualifications and realize their potential as international professionals.

Expat Spouses Initiative began in 2014 when two women with a vision decided to do something to address the disconnect between the expat partner population in Eindhoven and the local Dutch community.

The Eindhoven metropolitan area has one of the highest concentrations of expats in the Netherlands. Apart from adding to the region’s diversity, the expat community also raises the average level of education: Approximately one in five residents in Eindhoven holds a graduate or professional degree. The same is true for the partners of the expats in Eindhoven: The majority are highly educated.

What baffled the founders of Expat Spouses Initiative is why this highly educated and skilled group of people wasn’t being recognized for its potential and utilized to benefit both the spouses and the local community. It is essentially an untapped pool of talent.

This is what they set about to change.

Since its launch, the initiative has taken off at full speed. It has rapidly grown into a proactive network of professionals working together to help men and women start their own business or find a job that matches their unique qualifications. Expat Spouses Initiative aims to realize the potential of the expat spouse in Eindhoven. It invests in the members of its network by organizing events, training sessions, language classes, and community-building projects. Many of these activities are organized with the intention of encouraging more interaction between internationals and locals in Eindhoven.

Expat Spouses Initiative is growing. Join the community: It’s meaningful, it’s rewarding, and it’s fun!