The pandemic drastically impacted the educational landscape all around the world. Every international student has their own set of unique challenges. Despite many seemingly negative aspects, many international students have demonstrated admirable resilience and adaptability during these times. For the international students who just found themselves in the middle of this situation or for prospective students who are still planning to come to the Netherlands for study, we wanted to grind out this blog post.

Among international students, corona-induced questions are increasingly taking attention. How can students meet new people and get efficiency from their experience abroad? How can they overcome the feeling of loneliness and still make the most of this experience? Can they travel, find an internship, and stay healthy and safe at the same time? Here are several organizations and initiatives focusing on international students and their challenges, which they were exposed to because of these challenging times.



You can find lots of useful information and several different initiatives on the TU/e website, which you can benefit from as a student. The TU/e also provides a professional listening line for your COVID needs. A volunteer group named Hear Me offers online chats, calls, and live Walk & Talk sessions around the lake next to the TU/e campus as a student initiative. 

Stadium Generale TU/e 

Watch video lectures and join the workshops, which are only accessible to university students. You can also follow and see unique films shown at Filmhuis De Zwarte Doos and socialize with other cinema enthusiasts. 


The tint is organizing online events to make the students meet with new people, gain new insights and life skills. Students can join online meditation with the online mindfulness break session.

Experience Meetup groups

Meetup groups are a great way of connecting people and groups around unique themes. Drink and Draw Eindhoven and English Improv Theater in Eindhoven are some of these groups that provide an experience in a multicultural environment. You can find more groups according to your interest and join online or live meetings to socialize and enjoy your time here. 

Travel around the Netherlands

You can find lots of suggestions to spend your time here in a magnificent way! You can read our blog posts: Outdoor activities dutch way and 4 magical cities in Brabant for a short break or find more places to travel inside the Netherlands from the Netherlands’ official tourism website.

Internship Opportunities

The minds of lots of students are also busy if they can find internships after their educational programs abroad. For the international students in the Netherlands, we wanted to provide a list of the agencies that specialize in connecting interns with companies and can help you to get a foot in the door. You can also find many positions in regular job sites as well.


  • Graduateland – Jobs, and internships specifically targeted towards recent graduates
  • Stagemotor – An interning recruitment company based in the Netherlands (in Dutch) 
  • Stage Plaza – The biggest interning job board in the Netherlands (in Dutch)
  • Europlacement – A search engine for internships and graduate positions across Europe
  • Anyintern – An English website that collates listings for internships
  • – A job search site, including internships and trainee opportunities



You can see The International Student’s Guide to Brabant for all the other questions of yours regarding studying at the South Holland and a webinar of ‘study in Holland’ fair in which you can visit booths from different universities, download information materials, and chat with uni representatives.

All these initiatives, events, and opportunities for new experiences prove that it is still possible to study abroad and achieve personal development even under these circumstances. 

Keeping you up-to-date on what you need to know about the latest information during COVID-19.

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